The Cost of Couples Therapy

When choosing a therapist, finances can be a factor. Yes, going to counseling will cost money, but, going to therapy with your partner is an investment in your relationship. It’s okay to give your relationship priority over other things in your life. Putting the financial backing to repairing and securing your relationship is the first step to giving your relationship the priority it deserves.

Couples counseling isn’t cheap, but it is worth it to heal your relationship.

Find the BEST fit, not the cheapest option.

Don’t take the “one size fits all” approach and search for the cheapest therapist in Carlsbad. Whether your marriage has been affected by a significant event – an affair, a sudden illness, job loss – or you feel like there is more and more conflict with less resolution, your relationship may be at a critical point. Getting help now can help you feel closer to your partner than ever and give you both the tools to navigate future conflict or life changes. You want to find the therapist that will best fit your needs, not the cheapest. Investing in your marriage will save you money and heartache from having to repeatedly find a new counselor who is a better fit for you, or even, at worst, divorce.

Low Cost Counseling

With that in mind, most therapists will offer low-fee slots. This will come with the caveat of being at non-peak times or via a service such as Telehealth. Another option is to look for an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT). These are therapists who have their Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy along with clinical hours under their belt, but have yet to sit for their licensing exam. You can read more about AMFTs here.


Yes. If you are dedicated to your relationship and truly want to put in the effort, it is worth every cent. Therapy will help you work through the obstacles in your relationship and work together to face the obstacles in each of your individual lives. You will garner tools to be able to understand yourself better, express yourself, and recognize your negative cycle as the problem, not you or your partner.  

What are some ways to save money to budget for counseling?

There are big steps you can take: put off that vacation or buy a cheaper used car instead of leasing one. But even more so, there are plenty of smaller changes you can make to help budget for this. This could look like making coffee in the mornings, packing a lunch for work, not buying name brand items, or having date night in instead of going out.

There are plenty of money managing apps, such as Mint, to help you with managing your budget.


Whether you are looking to start of your marriage with a more stable foundation through premarital counseling, or if you need help working through an obstacle – whether that is an affair or poor communication – the sooner you start couples counseling, the sooner you heal your relationship and your self.


You can check out our low fee couples counseling options here.

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