Infidelity and Affair Counseling

Healing is possible even after infidelity. Our experienced therapists understand the complexities of healing after an affair, and they are here to support you and your partner, rebuild trust, mend your relationship, and find a path to forgiveness and a stronger bond. Embrace your authentic self and thrive with the guidance of our caring and experienced therapists.

Rebuild Trust in your Relationship

When there has been an affair, cheating, a betrayal, or infidelity in your relationship, it can leave a couple feeling shattered, hopeless, and terrified of the future of the relationship. Here at Estes Therapy, we work with distressed couples recovering from affairs, cheating, infidelity, and a variety of different betrayals every day. Yes – you read that right – our team of therapists works with these issues daily, and we are comfortable, competent, and compassionately committed to helping you navigate the waters of recovering from an affair with you and your partner. We use research-based techniques to help you heal the wounds of cheating and betrayal, rebuild trust, and recommit to the relationship again.
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You may be wondering: Things feel hopeless since the affair came out. How do you help couples do this?

Here is the good news: we use research-based techniques that have been proven to work and help couples survive affairs. Affair Counseling helps both partners get a structured roadmap to repair the injury and heal. Our affair counseling and infidelity counseling at Estes Therapy provide a safe space for couples to express what they need and feel. With a non-judgmental counselor to help mediate and offer solutions on rebuilding trust, healing can begin.

We do this by first focusing on the wound itself and processing and recovering from the major emotional injury that affairs, infidelity, cheating, and all betrayals can create. Think of this like any injury – you can’t just ignore it, or it will not heal properly. We make sure to help the wound heal properly, focusing on both partners’ emotions and healing the trauma of the experience, so you can both begin to move forward and feel better faster.

We then help the couple identify how they got to that place in the first place. Our research-based techniques help the couple make sense of these situations that typically feel hopeless, shattering, painful, and traumatic. Couples begin to feel like they have a roadmap map of understanding how they got there in the first place and the negative communication patterns that come into play in their relationship that create disconnection, pain, and distance. Here, we like to get to the root of the issue and solve it, so these issues don’t come up again.

We then help couples recommit to the relationship and rebuild trust, focusing on how the couple can support each other and move forward. We understand that no one wants to focus on the past forever, but we have to understand the past in order to heal and move into the future with hope and clarity. The couple begins to create, build, and practice a new pattern of communication built on trust equality, and support through the help of their therapist

It is not surprising that many of the couples we have worked with throughout many years have told us that they feel closer, more connected, and happier in their relationship after going through this affair counseling process with us than they did before they even knew about the affair. This is because our team at Estes Therapy is dedicated to uncovering and healing the underlying issues underneath the affair, and supporting couples in growing beyond infidelity.

You may be thinking: I am the one who had the affair, I am terrified to talk about it and I don’t know what to do…. Or, I am the one who got cheated on, and there is no way I can forgive again. Can you really help us?

If you or your partner stepped outside of the relationship for an emotional affair and/or physical affair, a major trauma has occurred for the other partner and the relationship itself. The hurt of the betrayal is devastating. The person who cheated might feel guilty, ashamed, scared, and maybe even defensive – and not know what to do to make it right. The other partner is understandably angry, scared, may even feel hopeless – and not know how to forgive or move forward. Both of your feelings matter. Our therapists provide a non-judgemental space to understand what happened, as well as provide each of you specific tools that you – and your partner – will need to recover from this and move forward. We may even assign homework to help move the process forward at home. We understand the pain that betrayals, affairs, cheating, and infidelity can cause – so we will help give you the tools so that you can begin to find hope and healing fast.

You may be thinking: I want to heal my relationship from cheating, infidelity, an affair, or a major betrayal. I now think there is hope for us! How do I get started??

If you have experienced a betrayal, affair, cheating, or infidelity in your relationship, call or text us at 619-558-0001, or email us, today. Here at Estes Therapy, we want to reassure you that there is hope for your relationship after an affair. Research has shown that couples can survive and find hope and safety in their relationship after an affair – and you can too. Let us help you find a new path.

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