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Are you feeling lonely or depressed? Do you feel like you sabotage your own efforts? Are you finding yourself in troubled relationships over and over? Don’t give up hope!

What To Expect From Individual Counseling at Estes Therapy

Our methods of individual therapy are pretty simple. We’ll focus on the issues that are preventing you from making positive changes, working to help you strengthen your attachments to your loved ones, to heal from past hurts or traumas that are blocking your progress, and to improve your overall self-esteem. Whether it’s in your relationships, your work, or your personal happiness, together we can make changes that will improve your quality of life. Our individual therapists want you to walk away with your toolbox filled. You’ll get practical and emotional tools to increase your confidence, decrease your anxiety, and begin enjoying yourself again.

Problems Commonly Addressed in Individual Counseling San Diego

At Estes Therapy, we cover a variety of issues and problems in individual counseling sessions. Some of the more common issues are low self-esteem, anxiety, communication issues, addiction, severe stress (post traumatic or not), body image issues, life transitions, low mood or motivation, and even loneliness. All of these issues will continue to hold you back from truly living your best life if not treated properly, or not treated at all. Some problems are short-term situations that can be easily addressed in a few therapy sessions, while other difficulties run deeper with more lasting effects (childhood wounds, trauma, phobias, etc…) and may require more attention. Together, you and your therapist will work as a team to explore the issues in your life that are preventing you from enjoying satisfying relationships and blocking your personal growth, and collaboratively create a plan for your treatment.

Anxiety Counseling

When feelings of dread or constant worry occupy your days, it can be hard to go about your normal life. Your anxiety might even get so bad that you feel nervous without any specific stressor – Being nervous just becomes your “normal” state. Anxiety can lead to physical symptoms, such as trouble sleeping, sweating, nausea, or trouble breathing. In some cases, it might even escalate to a panic attack. Do these symptoms sound familiar? Seeking anxiety counseling in our San Diego office, or through Telehealth with one of our many experienced therapists, can be a part of the solution.

Our counselors are here to support you in decreasing your anxiety, work with you to develop coping techniques, and offer strategies for dealing with fight or flight moments. Then, we work to get to the root of the issue for lasting change. We do all of this with no judgement, lots of compassion, and easy to understand tips and tools so that you can start to feel better at home.

Stop living with constant anxiety. Give us a call today and see if we can help!

Overcoming anxiety

Addiction Counseling:
Get Back in Control of Your Life​

Has your addiction damaged your relationships? Finances? Career? Are you tired of living two lives? Do you tell yourself you won’t do it again, and then somehow you find yourself in your addictive behavior once again? Do you spend a lot of time and money on your addiction? Do you feel great while in the addiction, yet find the aftermath unsettling?

Break the cycle of needing the next “fix.” You have the power to stop your negative cycles and get back in control, but it starts with recognizing the problem and then taking the step to get some help. Only you can make this happen! We can help guide you toward understanding the underlying causes that trigger your addictive behavior, in order to get to the root of the issue fast. Together, we can work on the interpersonal challenges that serve as hurdles to your success, and the coping skills you will need to beat your addiction. Your addiction is a symptom of a larger issue. Together, we will address all of its complexities so you can begin to get more control over your life.

Codependency Counseling​

Do you get exhausted trying to deal with other people’s issues all the time? Do you feel like you get taken advantage of by certain people in your life? Or it feels as if you always absorb others’ feelings? If you recognize any of these habits you may have an issue with codependency.

Codependency is when you are dependent on others for your own mental well-being. This goes beyond seeking support. With codependency, the line between where you end and others begin is blurred. Those who are codependent often put their own needs, ideas, and opinions aside to focus on those of others in hopes of strengthening their relationship. In reality, this does more harm than good.

Changing these deeply ingrained thoughts, behaviors, and feelings is not easy. Therapy is a safe place full of support to aid you on your codependency recovery journey. A therapist will hold you accountable to your goals, provide you tools to aid you in these goals, and help you learn skills to use now and in the future. You are worth it!

how to cope with anxiety
break-up counseling breakup san diego

Divorce & Break Up Counseling​

Whether you end a dating relationship, engagement, or marriage — the loss of a relationship is hard. If you are feeling lost, alone, or having a tough time dealing with all of the change that is taking place at once, it might be overwhelming. You are not alone. Break up counseling helps you work through and move past the painful emotions that come along with the end of a relationship, and find happiness and peace in your life again.

Coming to terms with the end of the relationship, saying good-bye, handling the financial blows, or sorting out the emotions after the nasty divorce or breakup doesn’t have to keep you in the dark place. There is hope and you can find yourself again! Going to counseling for a break up helps you grieve your loss and get back on your own two feet and work through the emotions of helplessness, confusion, and even betrayal. We are here to help you find happiness in your new life.

Don’t go through the pain of a break up alone. Give us a call or send us a text to find the therapist that is the right fit for you!

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