Dads and Miscarriage: Check In on the Dads

dads and misscarriage grief pregnancy loss

*In Honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month*

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.  Although statistics vary regarding the prevalence of pregnancy loss, it is estimated that about 1 in 4 pregnancies will end in miscarriage, which is a type of pregnancy loss that occurs at or before the 20th week of pregnancy (March of Dimes, 2017).  This means that miscarriage happens a lot, probably a lot more than any of us know.  Despite the prevalence of this type of loss, the topic of pregnancy loss in general and miscarriage in particular is still rarely discussed.  When it is talked about, often the story that is told comes from the mom’s perspective; rarely do we hear the dad’s story or how the couple as a whole is impacted.  

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Can Phone Apps Improve My Relationship?

apps to improve relationship utilize technology come together

What if there was a way to use technology to improve your relationship with your partner?  In this post, I want to highlight four phone apps that can not only help strengthen your relationship with your partner but are also grounded in scientific research or an evidence-based therapeutic model.

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Talk About Sex During Sex

how to talk about sex during sex improve intimacy

How to Say "Eh" Without Killing the Mood

Usually the most productive conversations about what goes on in the bedroom happen outside of the bedroom, but sometimes in the moment you need to get your partner on the same page. A lot of times we hesitate to talk about sex during sex for fear of hurting our partner’s feelings or to avoid “killing the mood,” but here’s the truth: When you are not fully present, the sexual experience is just not what it should be!

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Conflict – What’s Attachment Got to Do With It?

attachment needs conflict what's childhood attachment got to do with adult life

As humans we are wired to be in bonding relationships with others throughout our lifetime. These are referred to as attachment bonds. You might be most familiar with this in regard to parent-child relationships, but they also occur in our other significant relationships (family, significant others, close friends). When our attachment needs are being threatened, separation distress occurs. This is when people typically get sucked into that negative cycle - the conflict.

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Threatening to Leave Damages Your Relationship

leaving the house after a fight leaving during an argument boyfriend leaves house after a fight

Sometimes leaving during a fight allows you time to cool off and come back when level heads prevail. But threatening to leave as a way to get back at your partner is never a good idea! Especially when you just say “I’m sick of this, I’m leaving!” Are you leaving for 10 minutes? Are you breaking up with or divorcing your partner? Your partner may not know what you’re talking about, and it’s hurtful.

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Help! I Can’t Get My Partner to Communicate with Me!

how to communicate effectively in a relationship

Have you ever had one of those periods in your relationship where it feels like you and your partner can’t communicate about anything without it turning into a fight?  Or maybe you’re finding it a struggle to get any meaningful response from your partner?  Or maybe you’re finding yourself getting irritated every time your partner talks to you? You are certainly not alone!

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Why Go To Therapy in San Diego

san diego counselor el cajon hillcrest lgbt therapy

The truth is, there are many reasons to go to therapy and no one reason is better or more worthy than another. Here are ten reasons that you might want to start seeing a therapist:

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Burnout – How to spot it and what to do next

burnout burning out COVID work from home work life balance depleted help

Burnout is becoming increasingly common, especially as we pass the year mark for COVID in California.

Burnout comes from prolonged and cumulative stress. Since COVID’s impact really made its mark on California (/the US/the world) there has been an abundance of stressors. These stressors include the virus itself, transitioning to working from home, going into work during a pandemic, social distancing, and increased interpersonal conflict - especially between those who live together. We are facing all these additional stressors, and all at once, without having the same self-care and de-stress outlets as before. 

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I’m Doubting My Relationship – Is this normal?

relationship doubts is doubting my relationship normal stages of a relationship should i leave my boyfriend

Is it common to have second thoughts in a relationship? How can you tell if it's just a temporary doubt, or something more?

Relationships grow and change over time. It is normal to pause and question your relationship. Taking time to reflect on your relationship gives you the opportunity to examine your values and needs, and what you need in a relationship to get your needs met and live in alignment with your values.

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