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Voices of Healing: Therapy Testimonials

While we never ask for testimonials from our clients (that would be unethical!), we have received lots of positive feedback via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Yelp – as well as thank you notes! Hearing the positive impact our sessions have had on our clients always warms our hearts, it’s why we got into this profession in the first place! We also understand that finding a therapist can be difficult, if not daunting. Hearing the real experiences of others is incredibly valuable. We want to be able to provide you the most information possible so you can feel confident and supported in finding the therapist who will be the best fit for you and your needs.

Here are some of the publicly posted testimonies from people we've worked with*


* We cannot confirm or deny if any of these testimonials are from clients, colleagues, or strangers who we’ve never been in contact with but left a review.

We are just trying to give you the most information in one place about the Estes Team, which includes links to publicly stated reviews.

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Seeking a therapist can be the best thing you do not just for your relationship, but for yourself. If you are seeking compassionate, knowledgeable, and understanding professional help, we invite you to explore our services. We are here to help you make the most of your life.