Marriage Counseling After an Affair in San Diego

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After the discovery of an affair, life gets intense. If you just found out about an affair, you may be lost in disbelief. Everything you once thought you knew is now false, and your entire relationship is being examined under a microscope. Emotions can feel like a rollercoaster; from angry to depressed, from hopeless to hopeful. This traumatic event needs quick action and marriage counseling after an affair may be what you need to recover.

There are many definitions for what constitutes having an affair. It can often mean that one person had a sexual and/or intimate relationship with someone outside of the marriage. However, an affair might also mean that someone cheated emotionally — an emotional relationship in which one person has a strong emotional connection with someone outside of the relationship can also create strife. Yet other affairs may include online relationships or pornography. In my San Diego marriage counseling practice, many times I see that a couple have two different definitions of what an affair is, and the views often create another added stress. Either way, trust has been broken in the marriage and healing needs to start after an affair.

Infidelity is a serious issue for couples and should be worked through in a delicate manner. I recommend marriage counseling after an affair because it helps couples find healthy ways to heal the attachment injury. Time is of the essence. You should take quick action if you really want to heal your relationship after an affair.

San Diego marriage counseling can benefit your relationship after an affair:

  • Learn how to effectively rebuild trust and the relationship through actions and words
  • Get to the root of why the affair became an option and happened in the first place
  • Understand the steps to get reassurance from your partner (or give reassurance) when haunting memories pop up
  • Recover from hurt and blame, and learn how to forgive
  • Heal the attachment wound from the affair and create a secure attachment
  • Learning how to watch and catch signs to prevent future infidelity pains
  • Show remorse and ask for forgiveness that is effective

If you live in San Diego and recently found out about an affair, I suggest you act quickly and find a counselor that best fits your needs. I provide marriage counseling after an affair for all areas of San Diego county. Take a look around my site and make sure I am a good fit for you. If you like what you see, make sure to schedule a therapy appointment.

How to find the best therapist that fits your needs:

If you are looking for a counselor in San Diego dealing with infidielity and coping after an affair, make sure you find the best therapist for you. There are various items you should know before you schedule your first appointment. Here is an article about how to find the best counselor for your needs. Read article.

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