Building a Private Practice: Mentoring Package to help you along the way

When I first started my therapy practiced, I remember the discouraging words other therapists would say to me. They’d say, “Don’t waste your time, it took me 3 years to get 8 clients.” Most people told me it would only be a part time job and that I would have to work in a clinic or at a hospital. My determination wasn’t going to let the discouraging words keep me from reaching my business dream. The funny thing was that I never thought of myself as a business woman. But throughout the years, the views I once had of myself changed.

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Here is my story:

how to build a private practiceOne of the things I love to do most is to help other therapists learn how to build a private practice.

I knew I wanted to have a private practice of my own.  I didn’t know how to build a private practice, but I was determined.

When I first got my intern/associate number I took the steps that I thought were vital to starting my company.  I created a website, got a business telephone, had an office location (with a supervisor) and business cards.  I was set.  I was ready for the phone calls to begin.  I was wrong. Very very wrong.   The phone calls didn’t start.  So I was brought back to reality again.  I started to put my eyes on the prize and figure out the steps required to gain clients.  It took me roughly 8 months to have a large caseload.

Oh…the thing I forgot to mention is that I had quit my “corporate America job” to go to school, so I was living off of my savings and had no other income.  So basically I was broke!  The quote “invest in your company to get money back” didn’t work for me.  I didn’t have the funds to spend, so I had to get creative!  I figured out how to build my business without spending much money!  So I know you can do it too.

By the time I sat for my licensure, I had a full private practice with cash-paying clients.  I did the work and made my business thrive. When I passed my Marriage and Family Therapist licensure exam the only thing that changed was that the checks were made out to me and not my supervisor (well….and the other business requirements of course).   I share this because I want you to know it is actually possible to have a full-time therapy practice.  I often take on the role of a mentor, helping others in the mental field build a business.

The Mentoring/Coaching Package:

Cost: $250 per 1-hour Zoom meeting (you can have another colleague split the cost to make it more affordable).

  1. You will have an assessment form to fill out before the first meeting to give all background, business goals, etc.  I will review the forms so I can be caught up before we even meet (to save time in the meeting).
  2. We will work as a team, establishing a clear path on steps needed to build your private practice.  Understand the tools needed to have a business.  As a private practice mentor, I will share with you suggestions, teach you the “tricks of the trade,” and walk alongside the business journey with you. I will create a Google Doc we can share and add all of our meeting notes.
  3. At the end of each meeting, you will have a clear path on what you will focus on until the next meeting.  The mentoring meetings are once a month (yet you can always schedule more meetings if needed).
  4. I will also provide helpful worksheets to help you along the way.



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