Turkey Trot: What are you Thankful For?

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Take time for gratitude.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so I ask you…. What are you thankful for today?

All too often we tend to get caught up in our world of selfish and materialistic ways.  The hustle and bustle of our daily routines become all encompassing, and leave very little time to stop and breath.  But during this time of year, with the giving of thanks coming up on us, now more than ever is the time to truly be thankful.  And maybe even give back.

Are you thankful for the roof over your head?  For the fact that you are still gainfully employed in this weakened economy?  For living in a country where we can still act how we want, say and do as we want, and be considered free?  You see, you can walk on nearly any block in downtown San Diego where there are far too many people without homes or jobs.  I wonder what they are thankful for….

Are you thankful for the love you have recently found?  Or your children that give you life’s greatest pleasures?  Or your family who is the rock of who you are today?  When you sit down and really think about what makes you so thankful today, what comes to your mind?

Every year hundreds of thousands of Turkeys’ lives are sacrificed for us, so that we sit around the dinner table and enjoy the feast with our family and friends (or at least for the meat eaters).  I paint this picture for one reason.  The turkey trot.  We can learn a lot from the turkey that took his final trot to death row.  For 11 months leading up to his destiny, he has been thankful.  Thankful to be alive and thankful for his few moments of roaming free to be a turkey.  As humans, we should all be so lucky to have the opportunity to do what he has.  Every day of our life should be our “turkey trot” and not just the month of November, because that’s when Thanksgiving comes around.

So I ask you today, what are you thankful for?  And whatever you are truly thankful for, try to be cognizant of that every day of the year.  Know that we should give thanks everyday.  I think that is what our ancestors would have wanted for us.  Give thanks today and forever.

Article by Tiana Del Rio

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