Top Apps for Improving Self-Esteem

self esteem

Use technology to help build your self-esteem

Self-esteem is something we've all struggled with at times. Sometimes you feel like you're in a rut and need some help getting back into believing in yourself, sometimes you just feel like you need a boost in confidence but aren't sure how to get it. With high self-esteem we are more inclined to make better decisions, take better care of ourselves, and explore our full potential.
Our phones have become an essential part of our day, so why not use them to help us build our self-esteem?

Here are our top picks for self-esteem boosting apps:

HelloMind – This app focuses on breaking bad habits and creating healthy ones. If you’re looking to remove or change a bad habit or to face a fear, you choose a treatment of 10 sessions, each taking 30 minutes, to be completed over 30 days. If you’re looking to encourage more positive thoughts or strengthen an aspect of yourself you like, you choose a booster, which also takes about 30 minutes, and you can listen to it whenever you want.


ThinkUp – Designed to help you build your own self improvement program to be able to motivate yourself and be in a positive mindset. This app uses your own voice to give yourself positive feedback and affirmations. This is designed to help with everything from reducing stress and improving sleep, to sparking creativity and getting healthy, to improving self-esteem and becoming happier.


Unstuck – This app helps you get out of a rut, whatever it may be – relationship, work, stop procrastinating, feeling unmotivated, or stopping negative thoughts. This app looks to help you figure out first why you’re stuck, what you will need to do to become unstuck, and then how to take action.  


Happier – This app works to shift your mindset to focus on the positives in your life. This shift will lead to more productivity, better sleep, more creativity, and less stress. It includes strategies to lift your mood, take a 10 second positivity pause in your day, and share good news and happiness with the community. 


Cognitive Diary – This app teaches users about cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in order to challenge their irrational thinking. This kind of thinking may lead to conflicts in relationships, within self, and to lower self esteem. This app helps you evaluate, understand, and change your thoughts and feelings for the long run.


Self-esteem leads us to take better care of ourselves, strive towards more goals and fulfillment, strive for happiness, and view ourselves as capable and deserving. Self-esteem also helps us be more resilient in overcoming obstacles. Use these apps to help you improve your self-esteem and let us know of any others in the comments!

If you’re feeling hopeless or like you need more help than an app, contact us to set up an appointment with a couple counselor.

About Sarah O'Leary

A recent bachelor's graduate and heading to a master's program for marriage and family therapy, I am captivated most by the importance of relationships and emotions and their impact on our everyday lives. Both relationships and our emotions help shape who we are as a person. "Relationship" doesn't just mean partner, but rather connections of all kinds. This means everything from strangers, to friends, to partners, and most importantly, the relationship you have with yourself. Emotions are what underlies our thoughts and behaviors, they are the key to understanding ourselves.