Tips to Deal with Financial Stress as a Couple

Tips to Deal with Financial Stress as a Couple


It’s no secret these days that our economy is in shambles. It’s not a big surprise that gas prices are higher, high paying jobs are lower, and unemployment is through the roof. So it should not be a surprise to you that your stress levels are dangerously high and more than likely will start affecting your relationships. The financial stress and recession is taking a toll on many relationships.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your relationship bond strong while facing money stress:

  • Explore the World of Free: Take a long walk along the beach and have a picnic there with your partner. Or peruse the local bookstore together and find a quiet place to lounge and read. Or perhaps find out when the local museums have free days and take a trip as tourists. Whatever you decide, find something in your own neighborhood that you two can do together that is absolutely free! Eliminating that stress factor on money on a date with your partner will ease the tension in your mind and heart as well as your pocket book.
  • Plan a Romantic Evening at Home: Gather some candles and bubbles for a bath. Cook his or her favorite dish. Turn the lights down and play some Tony Bennet or good ol Frank Sinatra, and just be. Be in the moment with your partner. Enjoy the solitude the evening brings and spark up a conversation that will make you laugh or reminisce aboue the good ole days. Finding this time together will help keep you and your partner connected both physically and emotionally.
  • Work out Together: Whether your form of work out is at the local gym, taking yoga classes, doing something more outdoorsy such as surfing or biking, log in some time as a couple to do these things together. Take surfing for instance, if you are a surfer, and your partner isn’t, have them come along and bring a great book. The key is to spend time together doing something that you both enjoy. Spending every second of this activity is not necessary, but simply knowing that your partner is there or nearby will keep you connected.

If you find that doing any of these things seems to just not work, then please schedule your first session with me. I can help get you both on the path you are looking for.

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