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Signs of Effective Counseling

Signs of Effective Counseling San Diego

How to identify when you are in counseling that works

If you're going into counseling for the very first time, it can be difficult to know how to gauge the process. How do you know if therapy is going to work for you? And how will you be able to tell if you should switch to a different counselor? Not all therapists are the same -- they use different methods and have different personalities. So, not all counselors will be effective for YOU.

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Top 10 Reasons You Should Start Counseling

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Don't wait until it is too late. Get the help you need.

Just like there isn't one single recipe for how therapy happens, there isn't a single reason why people should go to counseling. It's not just for "crazy" people, or the place to turn as a last resort. There are many reasons why you should seek help from counseling, from traumatic life events to ongoing depression. Here are some of the top reasons people should go to counseling:

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Top 10 Reasons People Avoid Counseling

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Guess What! It isn't as bad as what you think!

Going to counseling can be a scary concept, so if you're avoiding it -- you're not alone. You might wonder if counseling will work, what it means about your relationship, and if the financial investment is really worth it. People put off finding counseling for plenty of reasons, but the truth is that you don't have to be ashamed about wanting help, and putting it off can likely make your situation worse. Here are some of the main reasons people avoid counseling.

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Emotional Health: 5 Tips for Staying Sane During the Holidays

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Are the holidays driving you nuts? Learn how to keep it together and enjoy time with your loved ones.

The holidays can be a stressful season. As you work to make time to see everyone, afford gifts in tough financial times, and get along with relatives who may not be super supportive or positive, anxiety will begin to soar. If you let the stress get to you it’s easy to find yourself in a depression or at a breaking point! Here are five tips for staying sane during the holidays.

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Couples Counseling: What to Expect

how couples counseling helps

It’s normal to feel a bit anxious before you go to counseling, in part because you’re unsure about what is about to happen! In reality, coming to therapy at my office doesn’t need to be a scary prospect. From your first session to all subsequent visits, I am only here to help you become a stronger couple and improve the state of your relationship – I won’t judge or take a side.

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Things You Can Do Before and After Counseling

Do you want to get the most out of your counseling session? If so, make a day of your session! There are a few things you can do to help you get the most out of your therapy and improve your relationships. Many people cram their therapy appointment in between a busy day and don’t have much time to absorb the information. Our brains need to process the information to make it stick. Here are a few tips you can do on making the most out of your time with the therapist.

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Emotionally Focused Therapy San Diego

emotionally focused therapy

What is Emotionally Focused Therapy? And How Does it Improve Relationships?

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a short-term strategic therapy approach working with couples. It is a researched bases showing long term change in working with couples. The therapy approach focuses on creating a secure relationship by helping couples learn how to stop old communication patterns, decreasing their reactivity (either quickly snapping or shutting down), and creating an emotionally safe relationship.

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7 Signs You Need Couples Counseling


How to recognize your relationship is on the brink...and get reconnected

If your relationship is on the rocks, you might start to question whether or not you’re in the right situation. Before you throw in the towel, you should definitely consider couples counseling, which can help you learn to change your patterns as a couple and start to move forward in a more healthy way. If you don’t know whether or not you’re in trouble, here are the signs you need couples counseling.

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Looking for San Diego Counseling?

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Where to start and what to expect

San Diego is a large city, and finding a therapist can seem overwhelming. What should you expect? How to you find the right person? Where can you begin a search? These are all questions that probably pop up when you start to go about getting San Diego counseling. The good news is that while looking for the right counselor is something you should take seriously, it doesn’t have to be scary.

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