Sarah O’Leary

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Hi! My name is Sarah O’Leary and I do the behind the scenes work here at Estes Therapy. I also occasionally come out for events, workshops, and on our social media. I help run our website, create blog posts, create social media content, and create resources for clients to take home to continue work throughout the week between sessions. I received a Bachelor’s in Psychology, and a Minor in Counseling and Social Change from San Diego State University. In May of 2020 I graduated from University of San Diego with a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. During my practicum year at USD, I worked at the University of San Diego, California Eating Disorder. I’ve been working with Estes Therapy since 2014.

What first drew me to working at Estes Therapy was the importance and value of emotions in our daily lives and in our relationships. Our emotions can help us feel fulfilled, connected, safe, and in tune with ourselves. But we often receive the message that our emotions don’t matter, that they aren’t valid, or that we should have only positive emotions. Consistently receiving this message creates a lot of dissonance within the self. It leads to conflict in relationships. It leads to feelings of low self-worth. All this can lead to unhealthy and unhelpful coping behaviors, which can feed right back into continuing the cycle. The reality is that your emotions are conveying something to you. For example, your anger is letting you know your values are being challenged or boundaries are being violated. Our thoughts, behaviours, and emotions are all interconnected and influence each other. The first step in stopping this cycle is learning to identify your emotions. 

My goal in my role at Estes Therapy is to be providing content that resonates with and helps our community in San Diego, our greater community in California, and anyone visiting our pages from anywhere in the world. This content is to help with your journey of growth and self discovery – whether you are looking to start therapy, looking for more resources between sessions, or just want to learn more about yourself. I work with the therapists at Estes Therapy to find out common themes that couples or individuals are currently facing. Additionally I spend time researching what trends are coming up online that people need guidance or help with. From tips on how to communicate effectively, psychoeducation on learning to identify your emotions, exercises in learning distress tolerance, or apps to boosting self-esteem – I am here for you.