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Hello and Welcome!

I am Kianna Rodriguez-Garcia, Clinical Administrator here at Estes Therapy for the Mission Valley and Oceanside offices. I am here to be an accessible bridge from client to therapist. I’ve accomplished providing support to Therapists as a previous Front-Office Manager, Receptionist, and Patient Service Representative in the Healthcare community in busy, multi-physician practices. I’ve obtained my BA in Communication, with a Minor in Social Advocacy demonstrating my knowledge of communication across diverse social relationships, activities, and contexts which will allow me to provide a more comprehensive, inclusive, analytical skilled way of creating a beneficial environment both professionally and individualistically. My time in Higher Education exposed me to a variety of cognitive and behavioral theories and traditions, all of which nurture a shared understanding of the mission and vision that guide an organization.

I will be your first line of communication when inquiring here at Estes Therapy for Individual, Couples, or Family Counseling. During our interaction and conversation, you will be met with a high level of Client Care and Professionalism. I am patient-focused, detail-oriented, friendly and personable, courteous, and respectful in all interactions. Together, my solutions align Therapists and clients, reducing variability, improving scheduling communication efficiency, and elevating your patient journey and experience. Using clear language, and avoiding vague or overly technical jargon, I will provide details of what Estes Therapy has to offer and ask for details regarding what brings you to counseling to best match you with a fitting and available Therapist. While upholding Estes Therapies Core Values of community, openness and honesty, fun, integrity, responsibility and reliability, and growth, I will also be implementing accountability, optimism, authenticity, respect, and trust. I enjoy my time with the purpose of serving and supporting those who come or call in seeking services.

Throughout my life, I have developed my passion and commitment to providing support in any environment I find myself in, and to all those that cross my path. Through my time here at Estes Therapy, I have committed to providing Mental Health support by integrating clinical solutions and policies, striving to deliver consistency, the most up-to-date information in a timely manner, and attentiveness across the care continuum. I will use any knowledge, training, and maximum capability to always try to create positive change in my surrounding environment, and being a part of Estes Therapy, where there are available and qualified Therapists I can provide access to, has been such a rewarding career step for me. The personal pursuit of happiness is a huge part of how I live my life, and to be able to provide a means for others to begin or continue their therapeutic journey to bettering their overall health and well-being is exactly what elementary-aged me wished I would be doing.

Talk to Kianna: 619-558-0001.

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