Dr. Ben Culhane

Dr. Ben Culhane

Nearly all my adult professional life I have worked with families, adolescents and children in some capacity. I have sought to make a difference in the lives of others whether that was as a middle and high school teacher or helping people in my practice overcome life’s individual and relationship challenges. I believe when we are in the service of others, our lives take on not only meaning, but more importantly, purpose.

I believe we are biologically hard-wired to seek and form deep relationships with others. Being emotionally available to another person and wanting them to be equally available to us is healthy. Sometimes in our interpersonal relationships, whether romantic or family relationships, even friendships, we experience challenges and difficulties that leave us feeling confused or angry or hurt, unloved.

I strongly believe that our early life experiences with our parents or those who looked after us are the cornerstone of how we are in relationship with others in our personal and professional lives. Through no fault of our own, those early attachment relationships may have influenced us in ways that don’t serve us today, influenced ways of being with others or ourselves that create pain, shame, anxiety, or pushing away. The good news is this: There is hope. I find it the most profound privilege to work with others who may not yet have found safety and their sense of courage to deepen their vulnerability with others and want to heal from experiences that have left them feeling wounded.

​I have a passion to help couples repair the broken bonds that are keeping them from connecting with one another again. Whether the repair work is from infidelity, sexual issues, or feeling a lack of connection, when couples come to me, I look forward to the moments when both can reach for the other, be seen, understood and accepted. I believe that will happen. Sharing your deepest needs and longings with your partner can be scary. I will be there to help provide a safe place to risk during those difficult moments. When one partner can be vulnerable and reach for the other, express his or her needs and desires, and the other partner can receive and reciprocate their vulnerability, those are the moments I am touched by; and I’m sure you will be too

Trauma comes to us in as many shapes and sizes as we are human. Trauma might stem from a single event (like a car accident), leaving you feeling uneasy about driving. It might be caused by multiple episodes (repeated similar events) that create fear related to the event, a place or a person. Trauma might be complex (repeated and various multiple episodes) that have cut us so deeply that we feel triggered when anything or anyone even comes close to the wound. If any of your experiences of abandonment or neglect, bullying or verbal abuse, childhood or recent events have left you with emotional or psychological pain or fear, you are not alone. There is hope and a way through. I’ve helped many of my clients overcome the unwanted emotional pain from their past and go on to live their lives, unburdened and free.

Whether you’re an individual or couple (straight, LGBTQ, non-monogamous, or lifestyle), or a family looking for help – regardless of your personal values or beliefs – you will be regarded with compassion and acceptance. My therapy sessions are designed to strengthen your confidence and self-esteem and assist you in the healing process.