Premarital Therapy: Great Start for Marriage

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Prepare for your life together

Remember back when you were a teen preparing to get your driver's license?  In order to get a driver license, several hoops must be jumped through: a permit test about the laws, driving classes, several months of practice with a skilled person in the car, and finally a licensing test. The DMV has made sure to educate the American driver to prevent accidents and fatal car collisions (thank goodness), but how come having children or getting married requires so little attention?

Marriage is a special life long commitment.

Premarital Counseling Workbook San DiegoSimilarly to driving, many people grow up with the future plans of marriage, excited to find a life partner, and to be committed. The success rate of marriages continues to drop in our country, yet there is little encouragement to attend marriage classes. A marriage is an agreement in which two people dedicate their lives to each other.  The dream of a relationship becomes reality for many, however the training wheels of effective communication are not as clearly defined or taught. Premarital therapy and marriage counseling are a few ways people use to build healthy relationships.


Marriage counseling and premarital therapy focused on assisting couples to build and maintain a secure attachment.

Marital therapy helps couples learn new communication styles, improve their connection, and increase marital satisfaction.  Premarital therapy helps couples take active steps to learn about communicating effectively, resolving conflicts, and much more.
For some couples, therapy might not be their first choice.  If you’re looking for another way to get premarital education prior to marriage, check out The Premarital Counseling Workbook for Couples, a cost effective alternative to traditional premarital counseling, by Marriage and Family Therapist, Lisa Brookes Kift.  If you are married and looking communication education in your marriage, pick up a copy of Hold Me Tight, by Sue Johnson.

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