Got Dumped? The Break Up Quiz

breakup advice got dumped quiz

Are you in the Dumps after the breakup?

Breakups are hard to get over, especially if it isn't really what you wanted. It can be extremely hard to get out of the dumps. Below is a short quiz to see how bad your symptoms are. Are you depressed? Take a few moments to go through this Relationship Blues check list.

The Break Up Quiz: Do You Have Relationship Blues?

Answer these questions about your current feelings or behavior honestly. This quiz can help you determine if you are suffering from depression after your break up, in which case you can use the help of a professional. Simply put a check mark next to each statement that describes you right now, or within the last week.

_____ I can’t seem to feel happy and most often feel down.

_____ I either get too much sleep, or hardly get any sleep.

_____ I have a hard time falling asleep.

_____ I am crying often.

_____ I have lost my appetite.

_____ I can’t seem to concentrate any more.

_____ I tend to avoid calling my friends and going out.

_____ I feel tired all the time.

_____ I can’t see any positive for future relationships.

_____ I keep thinking of ways to fix the relationship and make it better.

If you have 6 or more items checked off, you could be suffering from situational depression. It is time to get out of this misery and back into your regular routine. Give me a call if you want to start individual therapy and make a change for the positive. It is time to recover from the past and get on with your life in the present.

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