3 Myths about Talk Therapy

misconceptions about therapy

Talk therapy has been around for awhile, but some people still have some misperceptions about it – and that’s OK. I am here to help!

Talk therapy basically refers to any sort of therapy where you talk with a counselor to get to the bottom of your emotions and problems. Talking about your issues can make you feel better emotionally and physically. Here are 3 talk therapy myths – and why I am busting them!


  1. Myth: Therapy is No Better Than Talking With Friends

Having friends and family that care about you is wonderful, especially knowing they are willing to pick up the phone and listen when you have a problem. However, talk therapy is not the same thing. A therapist is trained to identify different patterns, emotions, and mental health issues. Sometimes talk therapy can fill a much needed support gap that is missing in your life. Each session is dedicated only to you, and there will be absolutely no judgment or someone giving you unsolicited advice, which might happen with friends. Instead, I help you uncover your root emotions and develop a road map for moving forward in a healthy way.

  1. Myth: Therapy is Only for People with “Big” Issues

Talk therapy is not only for people who are on the brink of a breakdown or who are “messed up.” We all encounter difficult situations, such as breakups, death in the family, or loss of a job. It’s OK to need some guidance and a safe space to open up at any stage of your life. Going to talk therapy doesn’t require a major life event. In fact, you might find that going to just a few sessions when you are feeling down or anxious is extremely helpful.

  1. Myth: I Should Be Strong Enough to Handle My Own Problems without Therapy

Going to therapy is NOT a sign of weakness. Just the opposite – you are strong enough to walk into a stranger’s office and be vulnerable! Everyone needs some guidance sometimes, and talk therapy is here to help you become the best, strongest version of yourself.


If you are unsure about going to therapy, that is normal.  It can take people a few months or even years to start individual or couples therapy.  Got a questions?  We are here to answer your questions about the therapy process.  Shoot Estes Therapy a message and we will get back to you quickly.

About Jennine Estes, MFT

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