Single? Don’t Sweat It – the positives of being single

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Why it's better to be happily ever single than in a mediocre relationship.

Sometimes when a relationship ends, or you haven’t been in a relationship for a while, you might start to feel down or as if being single is the worst thing in the world. Or, you might stay in a relationship that is less than stellar because you’re afraid of being alone. In reality, it’s better to be single, strong, and happy than be in a mediocre relationship just so you have the validation of being a part of a couple. There are several positives to being single instead of staying in a bad relationship.

Healing Past Wounds

Were you hurt emotionally in your last relationship? Or are you being hurt in a current relationship? One of the positives of being single is you will have time to deal with the emotional damage and wounds that have been left by others. If you don’t deal with past hurt, you might end up repeating negative cycles and choosing the wrong partners. Heal your hurt by talking to your friends and family. If you want a professional, neutral opinion and a safe space where you can open up visit a counselor . Being single can be a huge blessing. Use the time to heal your wounds and let go of past baggage.

time-with-friendsConnecting With Friends

Another positive of being single is the time to build a stronger connection with platonic friends. When you focus only on romantic relationships, you can forget that the other very important relationships in your life. Spend time between romantic relationships appreciating and reconnecting with your friends – whether they’re single or in relationships. Fostering strong relationships during this time will make for a great support system in good times and bad. When you do enter into a relationship again, make sure you keep making time for these friends.

Trying New Things

Being single also means you can occupy your time by trying the activities you don’t always have time for when you’re juggling a relationship in your life. Whether it’s joining a book club, going surfing, or training for a marathon, you can use the time you’re single to enjoy new endeavors. You’ll build self-esteem, have fun, and meet new people. Staying busy is life affirming, and won’t leave you much time to wallow in your singlehood. You’ll also start to enjoy your independence and learn that there is more to life than just dating.

Building a Stronger You

Perhaps most importantly, the biggest positive of being single means having time to focus on you for a while. You can make long-term goals for yourself, learn to spend time with yourself, and find out more about yourself. You’d be surprised at how much more there is to know about yourself! By becoming the best version of yourself, you’re more likely to attract the right partner. This “me time” will allow you to be confident enough to ask for what you need in your next relationship.

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