Making New Memories: The Importance of San Diego Couples’ Photo Shoot

Getting photographs as a couple might seem like a trivial thing, but it can actually help you stay connected! Life gets chaotic, and in the rush of things sometimes keeping track of milestones or just celebrating your relationship gets lost in the shuffle. When couples have kids, they might put a focus on tracking their children's growth and not stop to take photos of themselves. Having photos to hang of just yourselves as a couple serves as a reminder of your bond.

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San Diego Couples Photoshoot
I sat down with Sean of Resolusean Photography to talk about how relationships can benefit from photography. While many couples only get photos around holidays or weddings, it doesn’t have to be that way. Sean discusses the importance of San Diego couples photo shoot and what has helped him capture great photos.

Photo Shoots Aren’t Just About Weddings!

You don’t have to be engaged or wearing a wedding dress to get a photo shoot done. In fact, you can get picture taken to mark any milestone, or “just because.” Sean says, “I see a common sequence for clients. Usually it starts with an engagement session followed by a wedding. Most of my clients will follow up once a year with couples portraits (often around Christmas or Valentine’s Day). Some choose to have children, and moving forward the sessions are typically set around those milestones. That being said, it is not uncommon for couples that are dating to schedule sessions also.” Any time you are willing to set aside time to do a photo shoot with your partner, it sends the message that you value your relationship!

Putting a Focus on Your Relationship

Almost any joint activity is a good way to bond with your partner, especially if it celebrates your relationship. When it comes to photos, you not only get the bonding experience, but a physical product that you can send to family and friends or display in your home as an expression of your love. Sean explains, “The best portraits show an intimacy, so it is my job to put the couple in a situation to be close. The proximity to their partner mixed with a fun environment tends to help them lower their guard both to the camera and to each other.” Even if you have a large family, try to focus on yourselves as a couple instead of placing all emphasis on the kids. As Sean says, “I think we get so fixated on the children being a priority that we overlook the thing that lets those children thrive… a healthy relationship of their parents.”
San Diego Couples Photoshoot by Resolusean

Creating Unique Memories

Going out on a photo shoot can be a fun memory to share in the future. It’s important to take a time out of regular life sometimes and have a meaningful experience. Sean recommends being willing to try something silly or different: “My goal is to bring out as much natural interaction as possible, sometimes contrasting something beautiful with something rough. Couples that are open to the experience tend to have great fun. Couples that have problems releasing control still get great photos, but the experience is less likely to be memorable. The best images always come out of a spark of an idea and we have to be able to quickly change direction and run with it.”

More About Resolusean Photography in San Diego:

“My tag line is ‘Photography for Life™’ so my goal is to be part of a client’s most memorable events no matter what they are. Many photographers say that specialization is the key to success, but I tend to view my craft in a different way. What I do is shape light, so I can work with any subject. If you are prepared to deal with a baby peeing while on set, you can deal with sauce being spilled during a culinary assignment.”
To learn more about San Diego Couples photo shoot by Sean, visit his website:

San Diego Couples Photoshoot by Resolusean

Awards for San Diego’s Couples Photographer:

  • Professional Photographers of America – National Photographer of the year 2011, 2012
  • San Diego Wedding Photographer of the year 2009, 2010, 2011
  • San Diego Illustrative Photographer of the year 2010
  • Professional Photographers of California – Fellowship Award
  • Professional Photographers of San Diego County – Fellowship Award

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