Looking for San Diego Counseling?

looking for san diego counseling

Where to start and what to expect

San Diego is a large city, and finding a therapist can seem overwhelming. What should you expect? How to you find the right person? Where can you begin a search? These are all questions that probably pop up when you start to go about getting San Diego counseling. The good news is that while looking for the right counselor is something you should take seriously, it doesn’t have to be scary.

San Diego Counseling, just a little bit of advice on how to get a therapist.

Finding a Therapist

Psychology Today is one trusted resource for finding a counselor. You can narrow your search by your neighborhood, and many therapists make a profile on the site so you can read more about them before you reach out. Click here to find the Psychology Today search.

GoodTherapy.org is another place to search for a therapist. This site also lets you search by location, so you can find San Diego counseling in your neighborhood, and they have verified some of the therapists’ credentials. Click here to get to the GoodTherapy.org therapist search.

What to Expect

During your first therapy session, your therapist will probably begin a pretty casual conversation, where you can explain why you came in for an appointment. It’s not what you see in the movies – you won’t lay on a couch while the counselor just sits there and looks bored. Once your therapist gets to know more about you, she will begin to ask you questions and then give you some tools for how to move forward. If you are in couples counseling, the therapist is there to be a neutral party who listens to both people and then helps guide the conversation between the couple. Couples often think of me as the only un-biased person in their lives, and that’s what a counselor is for — someone who won’t take a side. A therapist will help you build healthy communication patterns and deal with conflict as a discussion and not an argument.

Counseling can help you build self-esteem, heal past trauma, and overcome issues like anger and body images. Even though searching for a counselor in a city as big as San Diego might seem overwhelming, building a better you is well worth it!

If you need San Diego counseling and think I can help, give me a call! You can also book online.

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