Domestic Violence Safety Plan

Signs Things are Escalating:

It is important to take note of the events that signal things are escalating and you may need to implicate this safety plan. When these signs occur, it is time to leave. Don’t try to wait it.

  1. ____________________________________________
  2. ____________________________________________
  3. ____________________________________________
  4. ____________________________________________
  5. ____________________________________________

Domestic Violence Safety Plan

  1. When arguments happen, attempt to position self in an area that can be escaped from (room with doors or window).
  2. Leave
  3. Call the police – 911

Safety Person(s)

Have a list of people (or even just a person) to contact in case you need to leave your home or need  help:


Establish a safety word or code with safety person or family members________________________

Identify undisclosed location of where to stay:




Have a spare set of keys hidden somewhere in case yours are taken away when you need to get out. When an argument occurs, try to position yourself in an area that can be escaped from (a room with doors or window).

  • Practice safety plan with children if applicable
  • Always keep full tank of fuel in the car
  • Obtain restraining order

Have a packed bag with important items (preferably at the identified location outside of the home):

  • Cash
  • Documents
    • Social Security Cards
    • Birth Certificates (for you and your children)
    • Marriage license/Domestic partnership papers
    • Any Leases or Deeds in your name or both you and your partner’s name
    • Insurance Policies
    • Checkbook, charge cards, and bank statements
    • Proof of income (W-2’s)
    • Any documentation of past incidents of abuse (photos, police reports, medical records, etc.)
  • Medicine
  • Clothing

Cell Phone

  • Ideally, get a new cell phone, you can get a prepaid cell phone and have any numbers you may need programmed into it. If you can’t get a new cell phone (and even if you do get a new one) remove or disable tracking GPS features from the cell phone, from social media, as well as photo capturing devices and applications. Avoid telegraphing future locations.
  • Memorize all important numbers or keep a written list outside of your home. Give a copy of these numbers to your safety person(s).
  • Change passwords on personal email, social media, icloud account, phone lock screen, ect, and/or use devices that can’t be tracked like at the library

Childcare (and Petcare)

Arrange emergency childcare, especially if your partner is the one taking care of the kids while you are at work or is the primary caregiver. Make sure your children have your cell phone number and the cell phone number of a safety person memorized. Make sure it is your phone number on your pet’s name tags.

Other Important Resources

Becky’s House: -They also have a DV crisis hotline 619.234.3164  – National Dating Abuse Helpline 1.866.331.9474 or 1.866.331.8453 TTY

National Domestic Violence Hotline1.800.799.SAFE (7233) or 1.800.787.3224 TTY  2-1-1

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