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You Are Not In It Alone

divorce counseling san diego

Divorce Counseling

codependency counseling san diego

What is Codependency and how Counseling can help

different types of therapists

Different Types of Therapists – Which one is right for me?

dads and miscarriage pregnancy infant loss grief

Dads and Miscarriage: Check in on the dads

self esteem phone apps

Can Phone Apps Improve My Relationship?

handle an anxious partner

Conflict patterns and how attachment styles

Women threatening to leave me relationship advice

Threatening to Leave Damages Your Relationship

Storming Out of a Fight Advice

Help! I Can’t Get My Partner to Communicate with Me!

bruce mars wBuPCQiweuA unsplash scaled 1

Increase Happiness by Incorporating the 5 Pillars

happiness improve mood lift mood happier joy fight depression uplifting feel good

Increase Happiness by Focusing on These 5 Pillars

burnout advice

Burnout – How to spot it and what to do next

I’m Doubting My Relationship – Am I Overthinking?


5 Grounding Exercises You Need In Your Life


Keeping a Balanced Life: The Ingredients to Emotional Health

san diego depression

San Diego Crisis Resources


Telehealth Counseling Sessions – How to Get the Most Out of Your Online Therapy

unpack emotional baggage

Unpack Your Emotional Baggage with Counseling in San Diego


How to stop interrupting: A therapist’s tip

Taking a Break during a fight

Taking a Break during a fight – Negotiated Breaks

holiday advice for family friends

Tips for Getting Through the Holidays – COVID Edition

The holidays are typically a difficult time, now we have COVID on top of all the usual stress. Here are a few tips to help you through the season.
LGBT Gay Counseling scaled 1

How to Get the Most out of Counseling in San Diego


Am I Codependent? What to look for and what to do


How Couples Counseling Online Can Help Your Relationship Survive COVID

understand emotions

Contempt In A Relationship: Why It’s Killing Your Love

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