Free Valentine’s Day Ideas

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How to spend the day with your special someone

It is that time of year again where the stores get filled with Valentine’s decorations, red balloons, hearts, flowers, and lover’s cards.  Some people get excited about this time of year, yet other people worry about the lack of funds to do something unique. Good news…you don’t have to spend money on loud restaurants filled with noise and strangers.  You can create romance and enjoy your relationship without spending money.

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How to Make a Decision When You Disagree

How to Make a Decision When You Disagree

Make compromises when it counts

What should we do when we both feel right during a disagreement?  How should our disagreement be handled while making a decision? These questions are common…especially since “most marital arguments cannot be resolved,” stated by John Gottman in his book The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.  To make a decision when you disagree as a couple is an issue I continue to see in my therapy practice.

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Text Fighting: The Do’s and Don’ts

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How to avoid digital conflict

Have you ever had the day of desperately wanting your partner to understand how you feel, so you quickly grab the telephone and send a text message? And as you grab the cell phone, you rapidly write your response with your raw thoughts and emotions, and then press send button.  While anxiously awaiting a response, you check your phone various times within just a few seconds.  As the response from your partner comes through, you quickly become upset and throw a text message right back....and the text fighting begins. 

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Premarital Therapy: Great Start for Marriage

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Prepare for your life together

Remember back when you were a teen preparing to get your driver's license?  In order to get a driver license, several hoops must be jumped through: a permit test about the laws, driving classes, several months of practice with a skilled person in the car, and finally a licensing test. The DMV has made sure to educate the American driver to prevent accidents and fatal car collisions (thank goodness), but how come having children or getting married requires so little attention?

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