Quote: Be Weird. Be You

be random be weird be you quotes be yourself

Don't hide yourself.

I love relationship quotes about love and I try to share them through my online social media accounts, such as twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.  This weekend I came across this photo (below) on Facebook and I absolutely loved the relationship quote.  It has such a great message.

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Are You a Bridezilla?

are you a bridezilla

Are you a bridezilla? There is this huge amount of pressure to have that perfect wedding, to have exactly what we want and how we want it, and to make our vision of that day to come true. And at the same time, it can be easy to fall into the role of Bridezilla. So take a look and see if you are on your way to being a Bridezilla.

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Dating Advice For Men: The Do’s and Don’ts

Dating Advice for Men_ The Do's and Don'ts how to be a good date how to date women what do women want

You have ONE first date that either opens or shuts the door for a second date.

Have you have been out of the dating world and preparing to take the leap to start? Or do you have a streak of bad dates and can’t seem to score a second date? You men must enter smart into the scene.

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