Emotional Health: 5 Tips for Staying Sane During the Holidays

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Are the holidays driving you nuts? Learn how to keep it together and enjoy time with your loved ones.

The holidays can be a stressful season. As you work to make time to see everyone, afford gifts in tough financial times, and get along with relatives who may not be super supportive or positive, anxiety will begin to soar. If you let the stress get to you it’s easy to find yourself in a depression or at a breaking point! Here are five tips for staying sane during the holidays.

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Relationship Problems and Social Media: Dos and Don’ts

relationship problems and social media

Just like texting, social media can help us stay connected -- if we use it right.

However, if you overshare on Facebook or Twitter, or change your relationship status out of spite, social media can just as quickly become a pain point for a relationship. Always think twice before you go spilling personal things about your relationship to a broad audience; some things are better left between you and your partner.

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Holiday Advice: How to Handle a Scrooge

Holiday Advice: How to Handle a Scrooge

Don't let a Debbie Downer take away your holiday fun. You have the right to enjoy this season even if a Scrooge shows up!

The holidays are time for get-togethers, enjoying family and friends, laughing, and exchanging gifts. But some families aren't that lucky...and they get stuck with a Scrooge. It can be exhausting to be around pessimistic comments, hearing negative views of the holidays, or being told about what isn't just right. These ongoing negative comments can rub off and bring you down if you let them.

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Holiday Advice: How to Survive Holiday Stress as a Couple

holiday advice for couples conflict stress

Do your in-laws drive you crazy? Are your partner's traditions totally different than yours? Here's how to keep it together during the holiday season.

Holiday stress can sneak up on you if you're not paying attention. On top of regular issues interpersonal stressors put on any type of relationship (be it straight, gay, familial, romantic, or friendly), the holidays can apply additional pressure. Gift-giving, decorating, party planning, and vacation arrangements are just some of the stressors that might pop up. During the eventful months leading up to the new year, many relationships under this kind of adversity will be put to the test.

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3 Ways to Keep Social Media Posts from Causing a Break Up


If you click Send too soon, you might end up causing drama. Here's how thinking before you post can save your relationship.

We all have the basic human need of community support. This used to mean just your neighborhood, school, and people you interact with in person. However, our society has evolved so that we develop new relationships online with just a few clicks of a button. We now have more people cheering us on, giving us positive comments, or promoting our ego online. But, online communication can also complicate your romantic relationships – how much is too much? It’s important to set boundaries and have a full understanding of how to protect your relationship while posting on the web. Social media and relationships can only go hand in hand if you communicate well.

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Life on The Fence

leaving affair divorce stay reconcile infidelity doubtful doubting relationship boyfriend girlfriend should I leave

What to Consider if You're One Foot Out the Door.

Women who are unfulfilled in a relationship soon begin to live on the fence. Half invested the relationship, half completely checked out and ready to leave. When this happens, you can’t seem to find that feeling of love and feeling alive. Thoughts of stepping out of the relationship become more frequent and much more tempting.

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The Party Scene in the Gayborhood: Signs to Call it Quits or Cut Back on Partying

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Do you know a lot of the bartenders, bouncers, and regulars when you go out in Hillcrest? Are the endless nights of socializing, hook-ups, drinking, partying, and whatever else comes your way a regular occurrence in your life? Or better yet, have you mastered the party scene in Hillcrest and know exactly how to find the next hotspot of the night?

Partying can be a blast, especially in a community where you know a lot of people. But let's be real....sometimes partying can simply get way out of hand. Don't get me wrong, I like to have a good time and go out on the town....but I have also seen how partying can damage various aspects of relationships and life. The gay and gay-friendly community is large in San Diego, yet it can also be very small at the same time.

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Healthy U-Hauling for Lesbians

u-hauling for lesbians

You may have heard the joke, "What does a lesbian bring on a second date? A U-Haul." And you may have heard the follow up joke, "What does a gay man bring on a second date?" and the answer is "What second date?"

These two jokes portray the stereotypical differences between the two genders. For those not familiar with the phrase "U-Haul Lesbian," it describes how many lesbians jump quickly into relationships when it comes to love and then move in together after a very short period of dating.

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Best 50 Relationship Tips of the Year

top relationship tips marriage boyfriend girlfriend partner spouse

I started this year out using my social networking as a place to share free relationship tips to others.

For some people, twitter is a huge community and support network. For other people, it isn’t their cup of tea. As a business owner (and a therapist), I decided to create a place for support, providing relationship tips and tools on social networking sites. I thought it would be great to highlight some of my favorite quick tips.

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Got Dumped? The Break Up Quiz

breakup advice got dumped quiz

Are you in the Dumps after the breakup?

Breakups are hard to get over, especially if it isn't really what you wanted. It can be extremely hard to get out of the dumps. Below is a short quiz to see how bad your symptoms are. Are you depressed? Take a few moments to go through this Relationship Blues check list.

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How to Cope and Heal From Your Partner’s Sexual Addiction

partner sexual addiction

Healing From the Pain and Trying to Make Sense of Life

Has your heart and your reality been shattered into a thousand little peices when you found out about this secretive lifestyle of your partner? Do you notice your mind racing, trying to put these new puzzle pieces together from the signs you noticed in your partners behavior?

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Resources for Partners of a Sexual Addict

partner of sexual addiction resources

Involved in a committed relationship where a LARGE secret as now been exposed, shattering your heart, and having you examine the entire relationship.

Being in a relationship with someone who has an addiction is very hard, but it is even harder when it comes to sexual addiction. It tends to be this hidden away, secretive issue that no-one talks about.

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The Bridal Survival Guide

bridal survival guide book marriage prep course

How to Keep Your Relationship Strong for Tying the Knot

Let’s face it....planning a wedding can be exciting, yet it can also come with many complications. The stress of planning, the financial strains, and the family dynamics can get tangled up and drive a wedge in between many couples. My goal is to help you build a solid foundation and help you two feel very confident when you are saying “I do” at the wedding altar.

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