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Adding a little fun to Relationships in the Raw!

Here’s a quick video with a little fun for our Relationships in the Raw Blog! It spreads the message of what I’m trying to accomplish here on the blog, and what you as readers can get from the blog. I am here to offer advice for how to improve your relationship communication, stability, and your overall emotional health. While your physical health is important, you should never neglect your emotional well-being — and that includes your relationship health. Relationships in the Raw is a place where you can come to learn, offer your own comments, and start to rebuild you connections.

Here is what the video basically says:
Raw Relationships, Real Expert Advice
Get the Real Truth in the raw and make changes now.
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After you watch the video, please schedule an appointment with me today! My relationship counseling can not only help you and your partner work together as a team, but also help you as an individual. Estes Therapy also sees individuals for counseling, and can help you with self-esteem, trauma recovery, and addiction among other issues.

Relationships in the Raw intro video to advice blog by San Diego Marriage and Family Counselor, Jennine Estes.

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