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Below are different links, relationship resources, and tools that will help you navigate through life.  You will find various resources such as my column Relationships in the Raw, article pieces that I have written, books that I recommend to my clients, crisis hotlines, and other links that I think might be useful to you.  As always, if there are questions or concerns about your current situation, please contact me immediately.  Resources are always useful, but never a solution to self help your own issues.

relationships in the raw column

Relationships in the Raw

I created Relationships in the Raw to help people improve their relationships. Education can help increase awareness and improve communication. This relationship blog was created not only for my clients as a point of reference, but also for those who want to learn and take steps on their own. Along with the economic stress that our country is facing, many couples can’t afford couples therapy on a weekly basis. So this is also a resource for those who are determined to make a positive change.

LGBT Resources

Gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender relationships may at some times require an understanding of the same-sex relationship dynamics. Jennine not only works with same-sex clients, but she very involved personally with the gay community. Here you can get resources for LGBT issues.

Sexual Addiction Resources san diego

Recommended Reading

Get the most bang out of your buck! Don't simply wait until your next therapy appointment or until your partner finally starts therapy, pick up a book and start getting educated.Get the most bang out of your buck! Don't simply wait until your partner finally starts therapy or until the next counseling session; be proactive by educating yourself.

online therapy store counselling

The Therapy Store

Here you can purchase online e-books for low cost. A variety of the books are here to help you improve your relationship and how you feel about yourself. Take a peak at the books and see which one would help you.

prepare first counseling session

The Bridal Survival Guide

Learn about the ins-and-outs of keeping your relationship strong and healthy while planning your wedding. Building a strong foundation for your marriage is vital to success. The bridal survival guide is for your relationship, plain and simple.

Sexual Addiction Resources san diego

Sexual Addiction Resources

Here you will find resources for issues around sexual addiction, support groups, and information for partners.