Relationship Problems and Social Media: Dos and Don’ts

relationship problems and social media

Just like texting, social media can help us stay connected -- if we use it right.

However, if you overshare on Facebook or Twitter, or change your relationship status out of spite, social media can just as quickly become a pain point for a relationship. Always think twice before you go spilling personal things about your relationship to a broad audience; some things are better left between you and your partner.

Relationship problems and social media may go hand in hand if you’re not careful. When you over share, especially before you check in with your partner, feelings get hurt or you may even make your partner feel violated. It takes careful communication to avoid these problems. When you’re on Facebook and in a relationship you need to tackle the issues as a couple. Everyone’s boundaries are different, so talk about yours openly with your partner.  Below are some helpful tips for how to avoid relationship problems related to social media. Feel free to share the infographic on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest — remind your friends to think before they share!

  • Don’t air your dirty relationship laundry to everyone on your Facebook and Twitter Friends.
  • Do carefully consider who you talk to about the details of your relationship. Not everyone on your Friend list is the right audience for personal issues or relationship complications.
  • Don’t be critical or attacking your partner in posts or comments.
  • Do only disclose your gripes in personal messages.

Social media can throw a wrench in an otherwise healthy relationship. If you are already having problems, then, it will very often make them worse. Over sharing, private messaging with an ex during a bad time in your relationship, and deleting each other as friends are all mistakes. If you need help communicating or developing strategies as a couple, come see me so I can help!

relationship problems and social media















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