A Coping Tool: Rape Recovery Box

Recovering from a traumatic experience of rape is no easy task and can feel like the pain won’t ever go away.  I like to help my clients find visual ways to see their progress of the recovery and rediscovering themselves. The rape recovery box is an empowerment box, giving you a visual way to see the progress, say goodbye to the emotional pain, and take back control.  You may find yourself quickly hit by a painful memory or your body gets on edge when touched a certain way.  When these emotions or memories kick in, you may not feel as if you have control…but you actually do.

Here is how it works:

  • Get a Box: Get a box that you can dedicate it to your Rape Recovery. Decorate it with words of wisdom, quotes of strength, and photos of empowerment if you’d like. This box represents you taking control and gaining power.
  • The Emotional Release: Now that you have a box, this is where you can go when emotions and pains arise in regards to the rape. Take time with the emotion, processing it, and then put in an item that represents the emotional pain. For example, if you run into an article in a magazine that suddenly floods your mind of the rape, spend time grieving and experiencing your emotions. Cry with the item, get mad at the item, or simply sit with the item. If there is no item, simply write down how you feel.
  • Placing in the Box: Once you are done releasing your emotions, say goodbye to the item and the emotion. Put it in the box. You will visually see your healing process occur. If you need to revisit a specific item you once processed and put in the box, you have control of choosing when to visit it. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as often as you need for the next few years.
  • The Ultimate Goodbye: In your time (which may be months or several years) you can create the ultimate closure and either destroy the box, have a burial, or burn it in a bonfire.

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