Communication Toolkit


Whether you are looking for extra material to use in conjunction with therapy, or are dipping your toes in to work on communication before deciding if you’ll take the therapy plunge, this toolkit will help you improve your communication and deepen connection at home.

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In our lives we often focus on bettering ourselves by tasks such as working out, eating healthy, or furthering our education… but too often we don’t set aside time to work on the health of our relationships. This workbook is your opportunity to set aside all distractions and focus on nurturing your relationship. It takes a lot of courage to put in the time and effort of focusing on and improving your communication, and in turn strengthening your relationship and deepening your connection.

Whether you are in a relationship looking to deepen your connection, or an individual seeking to learn to enhance your communication for future relationships, this e-book will help you gain the skills and tools to learn this at home.