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Walking as Therapy: A Confessional Stroll with a Friend

Many women take exercise time to walk and discuss the ups-and-downs of their lives together. Often times this walking and talk is very therapeutic and helpful to find a way to overcome conflict or emotional hard times. But what happens when you are out with a friend and you simply have no idea to either listen, give advice, or take their side? Jennine was quoted as the Marriage and Family Therapist for tips on the “HOW TO” use walking as “Therapy” when giving advice or to listen.

Here are a few of her quotes from the magazine:

When you listen to someone else, really listen. That means resisting the urge to jump in with your own two cents. “Instead, bite your tongue, pinch your arm, or count to 10 in your head,” says Jennine Estes, a marriage and family therapist in San Diego. “You want to send the message to your friend that what she has to say matters.”

Avoid “why” questions or “you should have” statements. They can come off as “critical or judgmental,” Estes points out. “These are the no-no’s to communication.”

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