Union Tribune – Tiger Woods Apologizes

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a complacent relationship? Has the thought ever occurred to you that maybe the grass is greener on the other side? Ever been lead down the path of infidelity? So many couples today are finding that it is much harder to stay faithful in their relationship. A few drinks at happy hour, a little laughter, maybe a slight touch of the hands, and the excitement begins for 2 random people trying to escape the rut they are in at home. Walk into any bar or restaurant on any given day and observe. It is happening right now as your read this article. So the real question is….. what now? After all is said and done, the cheater and cheatee go home, and the guilt starts. Tiger Woods more than likely felt the same way with his random indiscretions. He felt excited because it was new and allowed him to escape from the world he knew as reality.

The Union Tribune polled several professionals throughout the county to get their take on Tiger Wood’s very public apology. Jennine Estes appeared in the poll as the Marriage and Family therapist. Here is what she had too say: “Sexual addiction is incredibly secretive and there’s a lot of shame. There’s this hidden life that nobody else knows about. It’s a really painful thing to have it come to light. So I think it was great that he took all the blame, that he took responsibility.”

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