Union Tribune – Some Gay Couple’s won’t Rush to the Alter

“Baby, I LOVE YOU!!!! Let’s get married….. right now!” Woah! When someone hears this statement after a few months of dating, they typically would run as fast as they could in the opposite direction. Rushing to the altar is not really what most couples want…nor can it be healthy for most. Yet other couples have life long relationships with a “shot-gun” wedding. With the recent laws of same sex marriages many have done that…rushed to the alter for marriage. In June of 2008 over 700 couples rushed to the altar to claim their love for one another. Some gay couples have waited years and years to get married legally in California, and others jumped on it.

In the article, some gay couples aren’t simply rushing to the alter. Relationship Expert, Jennine Estes believes that “every marriage needs a solid foundation.” So whether you’re same sex marriage or not, the foundation of your love and respect for one another is what makes two people decide to get married. The immediate rush to the altar may not necessarily be the best option for same sex couples (or heterosexual couples). The same rules and principles still apply for all couples when they decide to take that leap of faith and become united as one forever. “Rushing into marriage is not the best formula for building a successful union,” says Jennine Estes.

The link above will give you more insight to the article about rushing to the altar.

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