Union Tribune – Recessions Change Love Statistics, Too


“Will our love survive?” “Can we get through these hard times on so little?” “Are we going to be okay?” Every couple has their own version of hard times. And nearly every couple has asked those very same questions. Whether it’s one person getting laid off, while the other struggles to carry the weight of the their spouse. Or one person simply doesn’t work and never really had to during their marriage because times were good, and now all of a sudden the subject of finding a job to make ends meet is now surfacing.

According to the article in Union Tribune, the divorce numbers are dropping, but the dating and relationship focus is on the rise. It is sad to say, but the recession has hit our economy and everyone is effected in one way or another. Jennine was featured as the Marriage and Family Therapist for the San Diego Union Tribune addressing her view of the recession.

Regardless of your situation, Relationship Expert and Marriage Family Therapist, Jennine Estes thinks love it the key ingredient to making it through these tough times. “It is love that is going to help people through this recession,” Estes says. She goes on to say that “her clients are attempting to fix relationship problems exacerbated by tight funds because they need each other.”

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