KUSI Inside San Diego – Destructive Behaviors and How to Break the Cycle

You and your spouse are having a discussion about a new job offer he is getting. This job offer may cause the both of you to move to another city and start all over. You immediately start shaking your head no, rolling your eyes, crossing your arms, and interrupt him every couple of seconds. The conversation goes from a discussion to a full blown argument  You tell him you are putting your foot down and are not moving. He chimes in that you never really listen and it’s always about you. Some of the destructive behaviors that are happening here, believe it or not have started from your body language and the defensive behavior that came along with it. At the end of the day, one person may end up resulting to a diversion to erase the argument and everything that comes with it.

Jennine Estes appeared on KUSI discussing how people choose destructive behaviors (such as drinking, shopping, internet addiction) to cope with stress. She describes the coping mechanisms and the severe impact it has on couples in relationships. She discussed how people get stuck in the negative coping pattern and quick tips on how to break the destructive cycle.

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