KUSI Inside San Diego – Communication in the Bedroom

Is your sex life lacking? Are you yearning for a rockstar performance? Or would prefer a little dress up? Does it ever occur to you that asking the questions of your partner may be too embarrassing or harsh, so you just leave the subject alone? If this is you, then please read on. Communication in the bedroom is a subject most couples are afraid to discuss for fear of the implications that their partner may be lacking. When in all honesty, that may simply not be the case. Having a healthy and active sex life is a key ingredient in your relationship. So spice it up!

So…. how do you go about the conversation  By creating a safe emotional connection free of judgment and criticism Once this safe haven is established you and your partner will be able to talk in the bedroom, and maybe even laugh a little. Whatever you do, don’t push the issue. Go Slow. If you have a problem, share it in a safe way. Don’t expect partner to read your mind. Keeping the lines of communication open and friendly will make the evening less stressful and your night a little more romantic.

However, if the topic seems to hard to share, then talk about that. Open up about your feelings with sex and talking about it. That is a starting point to laying down the safe haven we talked about earlier. As long as you and your partner are willing to be free and open minded about your feelings with sex and communication, then everything else will begin to fall into place. But you have to start somewhere.The more you partner knows about the challenges or issues you have, the better. This allows them to respond in a more nurturing and embracing way.

Jennine Estes appeared on KUSI – Inside San Diego discussing how to communicate in bedroom. She discussed the key ingredients to a successful intimate bond. She described the importance of communication not only in the bedroom, but also out of the bedroom to improve intimacy.

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