Fox 5 News – Unemployment Becomes Fun-Employment for Some

Unemployment Fun Therapy


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Have you ever had the fear of being laid off? Or did you recently become unemployed? Rather than being down and out, take this time to enjoy yourself and reflect. Being laid off may not be the worst thing that can happen to you. Some people make their employment. Jennine appeared on Fox 5 News.

Station: Fox 5 News – San Diego
Segment Title: Unemployment becomes fun-employment for some
Air Date: June 16, 2009
URL: Fox 5 News 

Jennine Estes, Marriage and Family Therapist in San Diego says “embracing new found freedom is a good thing, as long as you stay realistic.” That couldn’t be more true. By embracing the time off and taking some time to reflect and surround yourself with positive energy, will do some good. Going to the gym, running or doing daily exercise will release endorphines that naturally make people happy and stress free. These are all very constructive things to do while being unemployed. But being realistic is key, and remaining jobless is not the most favorable situation for any one person. Make sure you use your time off wisely. Feel free to express yourself and have fun, but continue to stay realistic with your goals.