Fox 5 News: Keeping Relationships Connected and Dealing With Stress



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It's no secret these days that our economy is in shambles. It's not a big surprise that gas prices are higher, high paying jobs are lower, and unemployment is through the roof. So it should not be a surprise to you that your stress levels are dangerously high and more than likely will start affecting your relationships. The financial stress and recession is taking a toll on many relationships.

Station: Fox 5 News – San Diego
Segment Title: Keeping Relationship Connected and Dealing with Stress 

On Fox 5 News in San Diego, Jennine provided quick tips to stomp out the stress and spice up the connection because relationships don’t have to suffer when the pocket book gets tight. She helped San Diego find ways to destress and have fun connecting. Jennine gave tips on decompressing from your day, de-stressing, and finding other ways to focus on your bond.  Keeping Relationships Connected and Dealing With Stress