Exquisite Wedding Magazine – Don’t Become a Bridezilla

Bridezilla Advice


You have probably have heard the term “Bridezilla,” a common name for brides who get overly consumed with the planning of their wedding. Not only does this put a sour taste in the mouth of the bridal party, but it can also hinder the relationship with the groom.

Wedding planning can be stressful, but following a few simple tips can ensure your experience is more blissful than stressful. Jennine Estes wrote the how to dump the stress and avoid falling into the “bridezilla” role during your wedding.

Be flexible with your vision: If your wedding vision isn’t going to work out exactly how you want, stay calm. If your groom throws in his two cents, let him have a say…even if it doesn’t meet your expectation. It’s his wedding too! Avoid looking at “what isn’t right,” and keep the positive in sight. Be flexible and know that the wedding will still be special and perfect.

Take a breather: If you’re having a hard time and feel your blood about to boil, take a break. Step away from the situation, put the vendor on hold, or exit to the restroom to take a breather. Calm your nerves and regulate your emotions before you respond…..(Click link above to see therapist Jennine’s full article)