Exquisite Wedding Magazine – Bickering Over the Budget?

Does this sound familiar? Bickering over the budget is a common issue for couples planning on tying the knot. A wedding is not a cheap event; thousands of dollars are spent on food, an outfit you wear once, centerpieces and more. The list can be endless, and the dollar amount can get very scary.

Tips on how to stop the bickering and get through the planning on an even note:

Determine the Amount

Before you dive into the budget and begin to meet with vendors, determine where the money is coming from. Are you family members contributing, or are you two paying for the entire wedding by yourself? If you are getting assistance from family members, clarify with them the amount they will be putting into the wedding. If you will be paying for the event on your own, determine what you will comfortably be able to afford.

Discuss Your Visions

You might have a different vision of the wedding than your partner’s vision. Take turns discussing what you want, don’t want or can’t live without. Take 10 minutes each to share your vision. Show interest in your partner’s ideas, and find appreciation for the input.

Create a Clear Spreadsheet

Once you have the amount you will be working with, stay with that number, and don’t try to get the number to magically change. Use a spreadsheet so you both can be clear on how much money is put toward each category. Once the number is written down, try to stick with that amount. If you have concerns, revisit the spreadsheet as a team and discuss alternatives.

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