Capessa – Marriage…. Straight Up or On The Rocks?

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Where does your marriage stand? Straight up or on the rocks? Or maybe a little bit of both? Some relationships can be easy, securely connected, and requires little work to keep the bond strong. Other couples find their relationship on the rocks, bumpy, and shakin up more than they'd like it to be. Either way it's ordered up, he serving is still the same.

Secure and healthy relationships shouldn’t take a lot of work, but taking a proactive approach to your marriage will only enhance what is already there. If you have a rocky marriage then it may require a bit more work to get you and your spouse back on track. Regardless of your scenario, it is worth the time, energy, emotions, and money to give it a fair shot.

Jennine Estes had a column on Capessa – Real Women, Real Stories called “Marriage…Straight up or on the Rocks?” Jennine used to write a column geared on marriages for women. She would focus her writings on helping women with their relationships, giving tools on how to get the relationship back on track, taking out the rockiness of the connection. She’d write on topics such as self-esteem, communication, sex, affairs, or any other relationship struggles. Unfortunately, this site is no longer live.