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Emotionally Focused Therapy Oceanside

Even though it might feel like all is lost in your relationship, we can help restore the connection. At Estes Therapy Oceanside, our team of dedicated and highly trained therapists are ready to help you regain control of your relationship and manage your emotions with emotionally focused therapy in Oceanside, California.

There’s no need to feel fearful about the future of your relationship. Whether you are tired of trying to make things work or are feeling overwhelmed by life’s responsibilities, there is a way for you and your partner to come back together.

Emotionally Focused Therapy is a form of therapy that provides insight and information related to a couple’s relationship and provides a way to identify patterns related to behavior so that you and your partner can begin to adjust your behaviors that are not helping to move your relationship forward.

Although your emotions may feel like they speak the truth about your relationship, Emotionally Focused Therapy helps you determine if those truths are what you really want to believe and if there is an opportunity to change those beliefs so that you can flourish in your relationship. The practice of Emotionally Focused Therapy focuses on seeking out the source of those beliefs to determine why they drive your emotions so that you can begin to walk a new walk in your relationship.

What are the Benefits of Emotionally Focused Therapy?

When you visit our modern and comforting office in Oceanside, California, you’ll benefit from Emotionally Focused Therapy in many ways. These include:

  • Using the most successful method of helping couples realign their emotions and commitment to each other
  • Backing of over 75% success rate with Emotionally Focused Therapy
  • Short-term therapy consisting of no more than 20 sessions
  • A chance to explore your beliefs and truths to apply new beliefs to your relationship
  • A chance to work as a couple to bring about issues that plague your relationship
  • Break down the barriers that are stopping you from enjoying a fulfilling relationship
  • Understand if your emotional needs are being met with your current relationship and work toward developing the capacity to meet those needs in the future
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What Can You Expect From Emotionally Focused Therapy at Oceanside?

Deciding to take your relationship to the next level can be scary. That’s why we provide an open, honest, and non-judgemental environment in which you can express your concerns and relationship issues without fear. We’ll help you find the language you need to describe your concerns to your partner in a non-confrontational way, and we ensure that you have the tools necessary to be able to engage in such an important conversation. Emotionally Focused Therapy gets at the heart of the problem. Often times, you are not angry at your partner, but you are carrying residual emotions related to something else that spill over into your relationship and without the right tools to manage those emotions, your relationship suffers because of it.

Our therapy sessions are all about you. We help you discover the power within yourself to make your relationship stronger. If you are exploring separation or divorce, we will be able to give you the tools to engage in conversation without hostility or anger. This is especially important when children are involved in a separation or divorce, and we can ensure that your emotions don’t get the better of you during such a difficult time.

What are Some of the Reasons Why Couples Come to Emotionally Focused Therapy?

Every relationship is different and requires a different level of attention. Trying to navigate a relationship is difficult and can take its toll on people if they are constantly blaming one another or avoiding responsibility. Some of the most common reasons why a couple might seek out Emotionally Focused Therapy include:

● Breakdown of communication
● Major life events such as the death of a family member, job loss, or infidelity
● A disinterest in intimacy
● Feelings of disconnection

Or, couples might be enjoying a good relationship but want to take their relationship to the next level and become better communicators, better lovers, and better parents. Therapy doesn’t just deal with the bad stuff. Therapy is an opportunity for everyone to become more fulfilled in their relationships.

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Whether you want to strengthen your relationship or repair it after a breakdown, Emotionally Focused Therapy can help. Work with one of our licensed professional therapists today by calling 1 (619) 558-0001 or by booking an appointment online.


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