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Finding Common Ground

Sometimes divorce can come out of nowhere for couples, especially if one partner doesn’t feel like there is anything wrong. You or your partner may feel betrayed or confused about what has happened. If children are involved in the relationship, it can be difficult to know how to move forward without feelings of guilt and worry. Our licensed and professional divorce counseling therapists are here to help. There’s no need to try to navigate this difficult time in your life alone. Working with a knowledgeable and understanding therapist can help you and your partner find common ground and determine a path forward to dissolve the marriage if that is what you decide to do.

Many people are outraged when one partner wants a divorce, and the other doesn’t. Resentment, spite, and even abuse can result from the partner who feels like they are being left behind while the partner who initiated the divorce is going off to live the other life they wanted. People get hurt. Tempers are lost. Things get said. And it’s hard for everyone.

If you and your partner are willing to speak to a divorce counselor, we can help make the divorce process a lot easier for everyone. You can expect our full support and a variety of tools to help you cope with this loss in your life.

While there might not seem to be any upside to divorce, there are many ways to view it and get through it without letting pride and anger get in the way of progress. Some of the benefits of divorce counseling in Oceanside, California include:

  • A chance to bring about concerns and issues in an open and honest environment
  • An opportunity for each partner to speak their thoughts and be heard
  • A plan to split amicably and reduce the impact on the family as much as possible
  • An opportunity to talk to your children about the divorce in a way that doesn’t promote blame or anger
  • A chance to take responsibility for your actions and your partner can do the same
  • You can forgive and begin to move on in your life with the help of a divorce counselor
  • You can make a plan for yourself after your divorce has gone through and start to rebuild your own life again
  • Figure out how to co-parent or share custody of children
  • Recognizing your own shortcomings in the relationship and to explore how you can learn from such an experience
  • And more
There’s no doubt that divorce is a complicated thing for families to go through. Whether you are a couple of two, or you have a large family with children, divorce can leave lasting scars for everyone. At our Oceanside location of Estes Therapy, we work with the entire family to tease out issues that are at the forefront, but that could also arise over time. For younger children, divorce doesn’t really hit home until they are much older and some of the residual effects of their parent’s divorce can come to the surface. We’ll help everyone in your family deal with the divorce in their own way and ensure that everyone feels supported and understands a way to move forward.
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What are Some Reasons Why Couples Get Divorced?

The reasons why a couple might decide to divorce are as varied as the couples themselves. It can be hard to pinpoint the exact cause why a couple decides to go their separate ways, especially when one person says they no longer love the other. We help couples get to the heart of the problem and discuss their concerns and reasons in a supportive, open environment. Sometimes infidelity or a long-term affair can be the reason a couple splits up, but there are usually underlying issues that led one partner to cheat on the other partner in the first place. In order to provide some closure for partners, we offer counseling to work through those issues so that there are no unanswered questions. Not knowing what happened can devastate a person and we find that putting all your cards on the table makes the most impact and allows people to move on after a divorce. People also get divorced because they have grown apart, they want different things, they no longer get along, they fight too much, they have money problems, and more.

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Seeking a therapist can be the best thing you do not just for your relationship, but for yourself. If you are seeking compassionate, knowledgeable, and understanding professional help, we invite you to explore our services. We are here to help you make the most of your life.