Couples Therapy

Discover common ground with your partner with our Oceanside Therapists

Do you feel like your relationship is in a tailspin? Do you feel like you are getting nowhere on your own trying to save your relationship? If you have tried to talk to your partner without success, couples therapy in Oceanside might be for you. Our licensed and dedicated couples therapists are ready to help you work through your relationship to discover a common ground that can help to bring you and your partner identify issues and begin to work through them.


What Can You Expect From Couples Therapy?

While every couple is different, many people have the same goal: to enjoy a happy and healthy relationship. Couples therapy can help identify the cause of your unhappiness, concern, or issue and start a conversation that will help you and your partner move toward a more fulfilling relationship.

When you visit our therapy offices in Oceanside, California, you’ll be greeted with compassion in a judgment-free environment. During your joint therapy session with your partner, you’ll be able to discuss your concerns in an open and honest way. We help to hold the space for you and your partner to express your concerns in a way that allows us to get to the heart of the problem and begin to repair the relationship from the inside out.

Simply showing up to couples therapy is not enough to help repair or save a relationship. When you agree to a couples therapy session, you and your partner should be open and willing to what might be discovered throughout the therapy session. If either partner is hesitant about the possibilities of discovering issues and repairing them, it can lead to a further disconnect between the couple. Couples therapy can greatly increase the chances of repairing a relationship if the couple is active in the therapy session and willing to work through the issues discovered.

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Work with Therapists in Oceanside Who Can Help You

At Estes Therapy Oceanside, we know that today’s couples face many different challenges. Some feel that they’ve lost their initial spark of romance, feeling more like roommates than romantic partners. Others have trouble communicating, fighting with one another rather than conversing. Whatever the challenges you’re facing, you can count on our services at Estes Therapy Oceanside. We offer personalized therapies in which we can help you and your spouse or partner heal.

Therapy is an integral part of any healthy relationship. With therapy, you and your loved one can work on growing together towards a happier and healthier future. Attending marriage counseling or couples therapy in Oceanside is not a failure or a besmirchment of your relationship. Instead, it is an effort to better yourself, your relationship, and your future. All couples can benefit from personalized therapy in Oceanside.

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Is Couples Therapy Right For Your Relationship?

Many relationships dissolve because one or both of the partners believe that couples therapy will not help them manage their circumstances. The truth is that couples therapy helps many couples reconcile their relationships, and if it can’t, at least couples can part amicably and reduce the friction amongst themselves and their families if they decide to part ways.Many people come to couples therapy from all walks of life, with a variety of concerns including:

  • Life events including the death of a family member, separation, infidelity
  • Pre-marital therapy and counseling
  • LGBTQIA counseling
  • Reconciliation therapy for couples who have separated but are exploring a new relationship together
  • Co-parenting and shared custody arrangements
  • Trust, intimacy, and connection issues
  • And more.

Why Should You Consider Couples Therapy in Oceanside, California?

Couples therapy is often the last resort for many couples who have tried to repair their relationship on their own and have not found success, or have relapsed into old habits. Our experience has been that the sooner a couple can come to couples therapy, the more successful they are in saving or determining a desired outcome for the relationship. If you are worried about the future of your relationship and are struggling to overcome barriers in your partnership, consider couples therapy.

There are many benefits of couples therapy including:

  • A strong partnership between couples
  • A realistic expectation of the relationship and discussion of wants and needs
  • A plan for the future
  • Tools to manage thoughts, emotions, and conversations in the best interest of the relationship
  • A chance to express your concerns in a safe and non-judgemental environment
  • An open and honest conversation about your relationship
  • A chance to determine goals for your relationship
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