6 Apps to Make Long Distance Relationships a Little Bit Easier

Long gone are the days of carrier pigeons and long, agonizing waits for a letter. In today’s digital era, long-distance relationships have been revolutionized by a treasure trove of apps designed to bridge the gap between lovers separated by miles. From video calls that feel almost real to shared to-do lists that sync your lives seamlessly, these apps are the superheroes of the LDR world. In this blog, we’re diving headfirst into the digital toolbox, exploring a curated collection of long-distance apps tailored to connect, support, and infuse vibrancy into those relationships where distance is just a number. Get ready to swipe, tap, and explore the transformative power of technology in keeping the flame of love burning across the miles!

Before we dive into our recommended long-distance relationship apps, have you checked out our long-distance tips? If you haven’t, you can click for some tips on keeping up connection, romance, and intimacy in long-distance relationships.

long distance relationship appsBetween

With this app you can video chat, phone chat, text, send voice clips, send photos, and draw together (or draw separately and send each other the drawings). It also has a calendar to keep up with important dates. Couple keeps track of you and your partner’s timeline so you can go back and look at your communication when you’re feeling apart

long distance relationship helpCouplete

This app has messenger, wishbox, timeline, and calendar features. The messenger includes both text and photo messages. Wishbox connects things you want to do/see with your partner – date night spots you want to try, shopping items you are interested in, movies you want to watch, bands you want to listen to. Couplete also keeps your timeline alive and has a calendar so you won’t forget any important dates (like birthdays and anniversaries – where the wishbox lists will come in handy if you’re looking to send a gift!).

long distance relationship apps


Pillow is great for people who feel like they are pressed for time – but still want to keep the intimacy alive. It makes couples stop and take a moment out of their day to set aside for connection. There are “intimacy exercises” that are just 5 minutes long.

However this app is NOT free, but there is a 2 week trial, so you can give it a test and see if it’s something you want to commit money to.

stream together long distance


This app lets you watch movies, stream music, and play games while video chatting. This is a great way to keep up with date night! (And a great app to use with friends!)

Long distance apps

Couple Game

Couple Game is a quiz game for couples to learn more about one another. You both get prompts of the same questions, and then you quiz each other to see who gets more correct! No matter what, you get to learn some fun facts, favourites, and preferences of your partner’s!

paired relationship app 

Paired: Couples & Relationship

Paired is a couples and relationship app helping couples connect, play, and learn together. This app has daily questions for you and your partner to answer, once both partners answer you get to see the results! There are also couple quizzes and games for couples.

long distance intimacy


This app was built to go hand-in-hand with Vibease vibrators. Your partner can activate your vibrate long distance with the option to chat while this is happening. You can also share photos and videos with your partner through this app, and download romantic audiobooks to listen to together.

What apps help keep the intimacy alive and your relationship thrive?

Check out our blog post for our top apps for improving self-esteem.

long distance relationship apps

Article by Sarah O’Leary, AMFT#123449 (supervised by Jennine Estes, LMFT#47653)

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