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While we never ask for testimonials from our clients (that would be unethical!), we have received lots of positive feedback via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Yelp – as well as thank you notes! Hearing the positive impact our sessions have had on our clients always warms our hearts, it’s why we got into this profession in the first place! We also understand that finding a therapist can be difficult, if not daunting. Hearing the real experiences of others is incredibly valuable. We want to be able to provide you the most information possible so you can feel confident and supported in finding the therapist who will be the best fit for you and your needs.

Here are some of the publicly posted testimonies from people we’ve worked with*:


“Intentional, practiced, warm, devoted, and caring are a few of the words that come to mind when I think of Dana Pasculescu at Estes Therapy. Dana works to meet every single person where they are at every single time she meets them. ” – AG

“Dana Pasculescu at Estes Therapy holds your experiences with great empathy and generosity making you feel understood, accepted and cared for. The authenticity and felt sense of connection that characterize her work provide a secure base from where one can tackle their concerns in a safe, collaborative, and non-judgemental way. I highly recommend Dana as a couples and individual therapist.” – A.O.



“In my 10-year career, I have met and worked with dozens of therapists and Jennine stands out as one of the most informative, intuitive, and passionate professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Jennine is not only a journalist’s dream in that she responds with clear, interesting, and informative advice under a tight deadline but her approach to helping her clients move through their fears and address their issues in order to live their best lives is truly unique. I had the pleasure of listening in on two different sessions for the Marriage Makeover session in Redbook Magazine and both couples sang her praises after both sessions. I highly recommend Jennine Estes as both a therapist and an expert. Don’t miss the chance to work with her!”     – B.D.C.



“Estes Therapy literally saved my life. If you are looking for patient, passionate, knowledgeable, friendly, intelligent, warm, genuine therapists, come here. It is more than a job for them and you feel that when working with them. I can’t recommend therapy enough and I can’t recommend specifically Estes Therapy enough. Thank you!” – S.C.

“The last few years have been pretty rocky in a lot of ways. I can’t overstate how instrumental Jennine has been in helping me to rise above the many many obstacles I’ve experienced (and created for myself…). She’s helped me to become a more compassionate and engaged person, and in doing so she’s helped my relationship grow and flourish in ways that can only be described as amazing. Absolutely recommend her and her team – they’re lifesavers. 100%.” – R.S.

“I’ve been working with Estes Therapy for the past 6 months and it’s been a fantastic working relationship. They are everything you want from a business – professional, thorough and trustworthy. Big thanks to Estes Therapy and I absolutely give them my recommendation.” – B.H.

“My spouse and I sought Jennine’s help after our relationship broke down due to infidelity 2 years ago. I found Jennine to be an incredible therapist. She weeded through the “he said – she said” to get to the feelings involved in the actions and statements and did it in the most non-judgemental and compassionate way imaginable. She was able to make my spouse understand my hurt in a direct yet compassionate manner. Sadly, we did not continue with counseling because my spouse had some other issues that needed to be dealt with which were hampering the progress we were making with Jennine. I look back at those sessions with gratitude and admiration. I cannot recommend Jennine Estes highly enough.” – M.O.


“I love this place!!! Honestly one of the best choices my wife and i ever made for our marriage!!!” – A.W.


*We cannot confirm or deny if any of these testimonials are from clients, colleagues, or strangers who we’ve never been in contact with but left a review. We are just trying to give you the most information in one place about the Estes Team, which includes links to publicly stated reviews.