How to find In-Person Counseling in San Diego

In-person counseling san diego

Are you frustrated with searching for a therapist for in-person counseling? Can’t seem to find a therapist that fits your schedule and is in-person or face-to-face? We understand! 

Finding in-person counseling in San Diego can be easy

Ever since COVID-19 came around, more and more counseling services are online. It is a love-hate type of relationship with electronics – we love that they made online mental health services available and hate that many therapists want to work remotely now. The ability to find a trusted therapist that provides in-person counseling can be a full-time job of its own. Great news! Our team at Estes Therapy is in-person (as well as virtual) and can see you as soon as this week.  

Why In-person counseling is important: 

It is important to have face-to-face counseling in San Diego because it gets you out of your home, the counseling office is neutral, and there are no distractions. Plus, your therapist can have a full view of your body language and connect with you as a human.  Online counseling provides similar experiences and can be just as effective, but it loses the human-to-human connection. We are pack animals and we do best when we are around other people. 

How to find an in-person therapist: 

  1. Ask your friends: Use your trusted friends to get a word-of-mouth referral.  Your friends will tell you the truth about their experiences with their therapist and will have a good judgment if the therapist would be a good fit or not.  They can also ask their therapist for recommendations for in-person counseling in San Diego.
  2. Review therapists online: Google, PsychologyToday, and LinkedIn are great resources for finding a therapist. These online platforms allow you to review their photo, read their background, and learn more about the therapist. Call/email/text a few different therapists that you found were a fit. When speaking to the therapist, track how you are feeling with talking with him/her, ask about their counseling services, and ask if they have any in-person counseling sessions available.  If not, see if they have any recommendations.  You know, therapists know therapists!
  3. Check out Online Reviews: Yelp and Google are great places to learn about other client experiences. Although therapists are not allowed to ask their clients for reviews, clients end up writing special reviews since the counseling can be super impactful in their life. Read what clients and colleagues have to say about therapists. 
  4. Visit their online social media: Social media is another great way to learn about counseling services in your area. As for us, we love having our potential new clients get to know us through our social media. Watch a few videos, and read a few posts. This is just one more way of seeing what feels the most comfortable for your in-person (or online) counseling needs. 

Finding the right fit therapist is important and many places are doing a hybrid of both in-person counseling and virtual/telehealth services. If you need help with finding in-person counseling in San Diego, reach out to us.  You can call, text, or email! We would be more than happy to either set you up with one of our therapists or get you connected with a clinician that would be a better fit. 


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