How to Find Gay and Lesbian Marriage Counseling

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Finding a counselor that is comfortable and experienced with working on gay-related issues might make you take pause when seeking help. However – it shouldn’t! You CAN find a therapist in San Diego who has experience working with people in the LGBT+ community, both as individuals and in couples, family, and marriage counseling. If you’re starting from scratch, here are some ways to find a gay friendly therapist.

Use Community Resources

Look to your local LGBT community centers for referrals. Many centers will have a list of local counselors who are gay friendly, and can put you in touch. In San Diego, some resources include the North County LGTBQ Resource Center and The Center. LGBT centers may also have support groups on site, where you can meet other people in the community, and use this network to find out about gay friendly counselors near you.

finding counselorSnoop on the Web

Many therapists in San Diego have websites that are prime for snooping around on! Look for a section on LGBT issues and clients. Keep in mind that not all counselors in San Diego will have a part of their website that explicitly says they are gay friendly, so don’t assume that someone won’t be receptive to gay issues just because they don’t advertise it. If you don’t see anything on a counselor’s site that mentions gay issues, you can also look on sites like Psychology Today or check out the counselor’s Facebook page; alternatively you can check out a site like Yelp to see what other clients have to say.

Look at Training and Experience

Check out the training of a counselor, which will include formal education, and can also include specialized training or mention of experience with LGBT issues. The training of a counselor will give you an idea of the school of thought that he or she uses – not all schools of thought and therapy methods are the same. Look for a counselor that uses a therapy method that is inclusive and makes sense to you. Just like you want your therapist’s approach to issues in general to be on par with your ideas, you want your therapist’s take on LGBT issues to be on par with your own.

Check Their Motives

If a counselor says he or she is happy to work with gay clients, make sure the goal is not to “cure” you or change your sexuality. You want to work with someone who will make you the best you can be, but only wants to strengthen your self-esteem and worth, not try to change your sexuality or make you something you’re not. This is especially important if you are looking for LGBT marriage counseling.

Call and Ask

If you can’t find out what you need on the Web, don’t be afraid to call and ask if the counselor has experience working with gay clients. Remember, just because someone doesn’t advertise that she works with the LGBT community doesn’t mean that she or he won’t. Pick up the phone and find out before you assume that someone won’t be receptive to working with you.

Finding a counselor is a major step in becoming a better and stronger you. If you are in need of a gay friendly counselor in San Diego, give me a call or book online and let’s see if I can help!

Looking for more resources? Check out our LGBT Resource list here.

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