How to Find a Counselor in San Diego

counselor in San Diego

Tips to find the best therapist for YOU

Searching for the right therapist in San Diego is not an easy task. Counseling sessions are an intimate time where you and your therapist are alone in the office. So your comfort level needs to be pretty high to truly allow yourself to open up with your therapist. Picking the therapist that is right for you is very important. And no decision should be made in haste. One size does not fit all. Unlike certain clothing items that are “one size fits all,” therapy is not! It is entirely a personal choice, much like shopping for that shirt you are desperately wanting, but would rather pay a different price. There won’t be a therapist that “worked wonders on your friends and family, so you have to see them because they are the best”, type of deal. With therapy you have to shop and research. Do you homework and interview them. You will know when it’s right after you have done your part. Here are some key components to think about as you find a counselor in San Diego.

  • Get Educated: Know what your looking for. The mental health field is full of many options, such as MFT’s, Psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, etc. If you are having issues with relationships, personal struggles related to relationships, or communication concerns, MFT’s have education and trainings specifically focusing on relationship bonds. If your looking for a psych evaluation, you would need to meet with a psychologist. Etc. Do your research. See who has the most competence in your personal struggle.
  • Review your Options: There are hundreds of counselors/ therapists in San Diego, better yet….thousands across the United States. Your first step is to review all the therapists and determine who is a best fit for you. Using the internet is the best way to gain access to information about the therapist you are researching. Take your time. You get to find the best match for your specific needs.
  • Find your Comfort Level: Find who you feel the most comfortable with. Being comfortable is an important trait you must possess in order to start making changes through your therapy sessions. Review the FAQ page and get every questions answered before you call. This will allow you to get a small perspective to the therapist. Read the mission statements or visions on their website as well. The more you know about the therapist, the more comfortable you will feel with them during sessions.
  • Make Contact: Once you feel comfortable with them on the site, make contact with them. Call the therapist, send an email, or schedule the appointment. Making contact will help reinforce your comfort level with your therapist. Some therapists may have an automatic scheduler and you can quickly choose what time you want. Get that first appointment on the books!
  • Commit to It: Your life is more important than money, time or your ego. Don’t hold back and worry about the “what if’s.” Commit to it. Make this your start to a better you. You will not regret it.

About Jennine Estes, MFT

Think of me as your relationship consultant, I'm your neutral third party that can help you untangle the emotions and help you figure out what's really going on. I am a Marriage and Family Therapist in San Diego, CA. Certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples. Supervisor. I write relationship and self growth advice for my column Relationships in the Raw. Creator of #BeingLOVEDIs campaign. MFC#47653