Get your New Year’s Resolutions to Stick!

new year's resolutions

Don’t forget your goals on January 2nd

The purpose of creating New Year’s resolutions is to help people improve life; such as losing weight, decreasing spending, improving health, creating stronger business, etc. A frequent problem is that people start off strong; working diligently day in and day out, and have it as an extreme focus. It lasts for a good few days or months, but quickly dwindles down to nothing. This is the “Yo-Yo Resolution;” starting from one extreme (all-in) to the other extreme (all-out).

A popular New Year’s resolution is dieting: healthy eating becomes an extreme, rigid eating habits and workout routines. The workouts go from once a month to 5 times a week. The body goes into shell shock because of drastic change. The extremes actually cause an opposite effect and ultimately only lasts a temporary. Instead of creating a “yo-yo New Years Resolution,” create a long term change and make it a life style change without the extremes. Make it less rigid so you won’t jump ship.

What helps you keep your goals to stick all year?  Share your ideas and make a comment to this post.


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